Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-09-04

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-09-04

Chris Koerner-2
A few updates this week from across the Discovery team.

Programming note: There is a new way to follow these weekly updates.
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== Discussions ==
* Paul conducted a cartographic review of the new map styles for the
Design team on 6 Sep 2017.

=== Search ===
* Gehel updated logstash to stop deploying custom elasticsearch
plugins that are no longer used and did a rolling restart of
elasticsearch/logstash [0]
* David upgraded an extra plugin as part of the upgrade to elastic 5.5.x [1]
* Erik turned on a third test for the Search Relevance Survey (graded
by humans), the test is expected to take a week. [2]
* Erik trained MLR models for all wikis with >= 1% of search traffic,
in preparation for AB test next week
* Erik investigating potential memory leaks in MLR model training
which makes training for large wikis (de, en) error prone

=== Portal ===
* Jan fixed a bug where the typeahead wasn't working for a single character [3]
* Jan also updated the Wikipedia portal statistics and translations on
6 Sep 2017 [4] [5]

=== Maps ===
* Gehel finished up reimaging the maps-test servers [6]



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