Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-10-02

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-10-02

Chris Koerner-2
Hello all,
Here is the Discovery weekly update for 2017-10-02. As always,
feedback and questions are welcome.

* The week of October 9th, we will deploy code to disable the
automatic use of UI message fallback languages for linguistic
analysis. In most cases, the messaging fallback language is unrelated
to the main language of a wiki (e.g., Wolof falls back to French). A
fuller description is on MediaWiki, and you can join the discussion
there or on the related Phab ticket. [0] [1]
* The Analysis team had several meetings to scope out new work to
establish a baseline of metrics for the Structured Data on Commons
project. [2]


=== Search ===
* Trey is investigating linguistic analysis software that could be
adapted for use on wiki projects. If you know of any open-source
linguistic analysis software for languages that don't already have it
on their wiki projects, please drop a note on Phab ticket T171652. [3]
* David was busy with various tasks:
** relaxing the default "AND" of the retrieval query filter with
minimum_should_match [4]
** change loading of cross-wiki configuration to use
cirrus-dump-config api call [5]
** finishing up the work to upgrade Elastica to support elastic 5.5.x
(will be in production next week [6]
** and adding Special:Search—add additional namespaces to search
results for Persian Wikibooks , Hebrew Wikisource, and English
Wikibooks [7] [8] [9]
* We also stopped the A/B test that was running on 18 wikis with > 1%
of search traffic, analysis will follow [10]

=== Analysis  ===
* Chelsy investigated the full-text search pattern on mobile web and
found interesting things: "we think that since people use full-text
instead of prefix search results when they have a in-depth information
need, and this kind of need is often driven by work/school project, we
see more full-text searches on weekdays than weekends on both desktop
and mobile web." [11]

=== Maps ===
* Paul kicked off the process to regenerate the map tiles in
production that will probably finish early next week. We had to do
this manually because of a bug in tileshell/node.js that we're working
to resolve. [12] [13]



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Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
Wikimedia Foundation

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