Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-10-30

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2017-10-30

Chris Koerner-2
Hello there,

This is the Discovery weekly update for the week starting 2017-10-30
_and_ 2017-11-06 - so the last two weeks.

== Highlights ==
* Blog post about searching using dashes and exclamation points when
they're not part of the expected search syntax (by Trey Jones): ''"So
-happy to meet you: Advanced searching techniques on Wikimedia
sites"''. [0]

== Discussions==

=== Search ===
* Trey wrote a blog post about advanced searching techniques,
particularly dealing with dashes and exclamation points when they are
*not* search syntax. [0]
* Trey finished an analysis of enabling mapping hiragana and katakana
for English- and Japanese-language wikis. There was less enthusiasm
for the mapping and more problems on the Japanese side, so it is not
going to be deployed there at this time. However, we're looking to
enable it for other languages. [1]
* David finished up refactoring the Searcher class and the
SearchContext to allow easy code reuse [2]
* Eric fixed an issue with a searchmatch span that was altering searches [3]
* Eric and David finished up the work needed for evaluating the
training speed and accuracy for 1M and 30M sample training sets and
updated the resource usage docs [4]
* Stas enabled disambiguation page demoting in Wikidata search  and
fixed several regressions in prefix search [5] [6] [7] [8].

=== Analysis  ===
* Chelsy finished up the analysis of the A/B test to test relaxing the
retrieval query filter and the report has been published [9] [10]
* After the quarterly metrics meeting at the end of October, there was
a follow-up question that Chelsy answered [11]
* Mikhail and Gehel finished up the creation of a Puppet profile/role
for doing R-based heavy stats/ML on Wikimedia Cloud [12]

=== Portal ===
* The portal page was updated with new translations and
new stats on October 30, 2017 [13] [14]

=== WDQS ===
* Stas fixed bug in RDF formatting of coordinates [15]
* Stas implemented ordinal variable in WDQS calls to MWAPI [16]



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Chris Koerner
Community Liaison
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