Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2018-02-05

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2018-02-05

Chris Koerner-2

Below you'll find the weekly update from the Search Platform team for the
week starting 2018-02-05.

As always, feedback and questions welcome.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* Gehel took on the task of porting elasticsearch metrics to Prometheus [0]
* Erik investigated a replacement for our automated relevance labeling and
created a potential summer of code task [1]

== Other Noteworthy Stuff  ==
* Trey deployed Cyrillic/Latin transliteration (using Language Converter
[2]) for Crimean Tatar–language wikis.[3]

== Did you know? ==
* There are an estimated 7,000+ languages [4] spoken or signed in the
world. Over 800 of them are found in Papua New Guinea, [5] making it the
most linguistically diverse place on earth. The most widely used language
of PNG is Tok Pisin, [6] which is a creole language, [7] which is a
language derived from a mixture of other languages. Tok Pisin takes much of
its vocabulary from English, but also from German, Malay, Portuguese and
local Austronesian languages.



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