Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2019-06-24

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2019-06-24

Chris Koerner-2
This is the weekly update from the Search Platform team for the week
starting 2019-06-24.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* We needed a few alerts to happen when / if mjolnir starts misbehaving [0]
* Mathew created an Icinga plugin to check number of eligible masters [1]
* Mathew also created a WDQS reboot cookbook [2]
* The team worked on implementing a match for any-language label
(haslabel:*) [3]
* We were getting errors because MediaWiki-Vagrant: ES_PATH_CONF must
be set to the configuration path [4], thanks Tgr for the fix!
* There was a PHP error from CirrusSearch/RequestLogger: "Array to
string conversion" that David fixed [5]
* There was an error where ascii folding behaved differently for
autocomplete vs. search that David worked on [6]
* David worked on another PHP warning where: Invalid argument supplied
for foreach() [7]
* Gehel and the team did some capacity planning: for Elastic via
replaying prod traffic at a higher velocity at our dallas DC, findings
to inform our hardware asks and to be documented in wikitech [8]

=== Wikidata query service ===
* Stas added capability to include wildcards into federation whitelist
[9]. This allows adding endpoints (such as DBPedia) which require
various URL parameters.
* Stas added ability to use variable as endpoint for MWAPI service [10]
* Stas added federated query metrics to WDQS [11]
* Stas finished upgrade of Blazegraph to Sesame 2.8 [12]
* Stas fixed JSON output format breakage due to upgrade above [13]
* Stas fixed some bad strings in WDQS data that confused Blazegraph [14]

[5] [


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