Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2019-07-15

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Discovery Weekly Update for the week starting 2019-07-15

Chris Koerner-2
This is the weekly update from the Search Platform team for the week
starting 2019-07-15.

As always, feedback and questions are welcome.

== Discussions ==

=== Search ===
* Search of wikidata string property values using haswbstatement is
case sensitive - after a bit of discussion, we added a patch for
adding a case-insenstitive subfield for statement field [0], and
re-indexing happened (with a minor issue) to get it into production
* Implemented support for haslabel:* [2]
* We received a request to delete search indices for now-deleted
zerowiki from production and did the needful [3]
* Glent work: create oozie workflow for glent m0 prep has been finished [4]
* The team did some work with the Multimedia team to index captions as
description fields not label [5]
* David worked on adapting IndexLookupFallbackMethod for glent requirements [6]
* The team worked on evaluating DYM metrics that are available in
current search satisfaction logging [7] with a follow up in [8]
** Metrics we should use moving forward
*** % of search shown a [auto / non-auto] dym
**** Target: Increase % without significantly reducing the other metrics
*** % of people shown non-auto dym that click through to dym results
**** Target: Increase % of clickthrough
*** % of searches shown dym search results [auto / non-auto] dym
results that clicked a result
**** Target: Increase % of clickthrough
* There was a bug where there was an unexpected result set returned by
Elasticsearch [9], we went ahead and closed it because it looks like
the same root cause is fixed in [10]
* CirrusSearch will now provide a query dispatcher (once the train
finishes week of July 30) [11]
* We did a spike: load search data into turnilo to test whether
exploratory data can do away with some of the dashboards and decided
that with respect to our 'did you mean' suggestions and this seems
like a plausible path forward [12]
* WikibaseLexemeCirrusSearch started to fail for no particular reason
(seems to be due to missing class exported by WikibaseLexeme) and will
be fixed in this week's train (July 30) [13]

=== Wikidata Query Service ===
* Finished reindexing database [14] which fixes resource problems with WDQS [15]
* Wikidata RDF dumps no longer have BETA marker [16]
* Fixed continuation support for MWAPI in WDQS [17]
* Implemented support for wdtn: prefix for WDQS GUI [18]
* Fixed incorrect VIAF URIs in WDQS data [19]
* Implemented support for ChronologyProtection in WDQS Updater [20]
* Refactored label service to support more complex queries [21]

=== Portal ===
* The weekly update to the portal had been failing for a
few weeks, Hashar helped out and fixed it, thanks! [22], but we still
have another ticket to be fixed [23]



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