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Year: 2008  Week: 25  Number: 96


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Upload] - When you upload an image that is already online with  
another name you get a warning about it. It works by calculating the  
hash of the file and compares it with the already online files.

[Move] - sysops have now the option to rename all sub-pages in one  
move when moving the parent page.

[Global user groups] - a WMF-global user group can now be created that  
has a much or as little user rights as desired. Users can then be  
added to that group. Global user members then have the user rights  
assigned to that group on all wikis. Currently this function is only  
used to give stewards administrative rights on all wikis.

=== Proposals ===

[Global sysops] - there is a proposal and a poll about the possibility  
of creating a "Global sysops user group".  That is creating users who  
are sysop on all wikis. The idea is to make it more easy to maintain  
the many small wikis. Users who would be "global sysop" would be only  
allowed to use there rights on small wiki where there is no local  
community or one that not yet take care of there own wiki.  The  
opposition against this idea does not like that "Global sysops" would  
also have the technical sysops rights on large wikis, like the English  
Wikipedia, despite it would not be allowed to use it.

[Restrict upload] - there is a proposal to restrict upload rights of  
new users on all wikis except commons to autoconfirmed users. That are  
users who have an account that it at least 5 days old. The idea is  
that this will prevent the upload of a lot of problems.

[Interwiki] - a proposal to introduce the Interlanguage Extension on  
Wikimedia projects to change the system of the language interwiki links.

=== Policy ===

[Draft] - Mike Godwin has drafted a new version of the privacy policy.  
Feedback and input is requested.

=== Foundation ===

[Board elections] - the election for one position on the board of  
trustees of the Wikimedia Foundation is open. There are 15 candidates.  
You can vote until 23:59 21 June 2008 (UTC). Note that the voting  
system has changed. Read the manual. The result are expected to be  
announced on or around 26 June 2008.

[EnquĂȘte] - In July 2008, the Wikimedia Foundation, in collaboration  
with UNU-Merit, plans to launch the first general survey of Wikimedia  
readers and contributors. Attempts are made to make it available in as  
many languages as possible. Translation assistance is requested.

[Lawsuit Germany] - a German publishing company sued Wikimedia  
Deutschland over their article in the German Wikipedia. This because  
there was critical information in the article. The court ruled that it  
was legal to include to critical information and rejected the claim  
that Wikimedia Deutschland was legally responsible for the article in  
question. The publishing company intents to appeal the decision.

=== Media ===

[Live; dead on wiki] - Wikipedia vs Associated Press.

=== Stats ===

[Voters stats] - parcial statistics of the voter turnout indicate that  
few actually vote. The Hebrew Wikipedia has most users who use the  
voting right. Most in numbers is the English language Wikipedia.

[Bla-bla] - Wikipedia NL has more spoken articles (735) then EN  
Wikipedia (728).
http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bert_en_Ernie -- example (press play button)

=== Other news ===

[Britannica]  - a new website run by the Encyclopaedia Britannica will  
be a bit like wikipedia. EN hopes to created a community of people who  
work on their encyclopedia under thiee real name and revise articles  
and write articles.  The EB Staff keeps editorial control. Submissions  
will need to be approved to be included in the article.
http://tinyurl.com/5upqb3  - Britannica blog

=== Offtopic request for help ===

[Vote for Oscar!] - this is an experiment. This to see what, if any,  
the responds is. You are requested to vote for Oscar, a Belgian cat  
(you can see that because of the beer bottle) in a competition of  
1) go to the vote page (link below)
2) enter your name ("Voornaam" and "Naam") and email.
3) ignore the check box (check if you like to get Dutch catfood  
emails) and the lower input options
4) click on the purple "Breng je stem uit" button.
5) You get an email from "[hidden email]" - click on the  
purple button "Ik bevestig mijn stem!" to confirm your vote
6) done
Oscar says; "burp" (= thank you)

=== Quote ===

"Do not meddle in the affairs of cats, for they are subtle and will  
piss on your computer." -- Bruce Graham

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