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Year: 2008  Week: 45 Number: 101


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Image: => File:] - Brion announced that he will be fulfilling a  
long-time wish: renaming the "Image:" namespace to "File:" due to the  
fact that it contains much more than just images.  He will be making  
this change soon, so please update any scripts that rely on it *when*  
it is live. "Image" will remain as an alias.

[Ubuntu] - The Wikimedia Foundation tech team decided to simplify  
things by moving all of their servers to a GNU/Linux distribution:  

[New Search] - Another long-awaited tech improvement: the search  
feature!  Thanks to some work by Robert Stojnic, we are currently  
migrating to lucene-search 2 which includes new features like much  
better searching and interwiki matches.  When a search matches a title  
from another project in the same language, a box on right appears  
which holds the link to the sister project page.
http://brianna.modernthings.org/article/152/new-mediawiki-search-features-on-wikipedia (blog post with  

[RenameUser] - There are now additional options when renaming an  
account: automatically recreate and block the old account.  
Previously, all this had to be done by the bureaucrats themselves --  
this process is now simplified.

[CodeReview] - Brion enabled the CodeReview extension on  
MediaWiki.org.  This is an extension that greatly helps with the  
review of coding and will hopefully allow the sites to be updated with  
newer code more quickly.

[Textbook-l] - Wiki-to-print and ODT are now live in all Wikibooks editions.

[EN wp search] - a new search engine is live for the English language  
Wikipedia. One of the new features is the question "Did you mean ...?"  
like the one asked by google. Unfortunately, because of hardware  
problems, migration of the other projects will have to wait.

=== Proposals ===

[Essentialpedia] - A more concise Wikipedia, containing only the most  
essential topics.

=== Policy ===

[GFDL 1.3 released] - A new version of the GNU Free Documentation  
License, which is used by most of the WMF projects, has been released.  
The new version makes it possible to migrate to the Creative Commons  
by-sa-3.0 license.

=== Foundation ===

[Fundraising 2008] - This year, the fundraiser has started discretely.  
By the time you read this, or soon after it, the classic site notice  
will be live. The donation pages have been redesigned, the Jimbo video  
is back, and a new feature is a form to give your answer to the  
question "How has Wikipedia made your life easier?". Like in previous  
years, the listing of the donations and their comments remains.

[Annual Report] - The first annual report of the WMF has been  
released. This is like a PR publication that contains financial  
information about the WMF. It may be useful to explain what the WMF  
actually does.

[New Chapters] - Two new chapters were approved in the October and  
November 2008 board meeting. Let's all welcome Wikimedia Brasil,  
Wikimedia Indonesia, Wikimedia Hungary, and Wikimedia Norway to the  
group of chapters!

[Chapter news list] - A new mailing list has been launched. It is  
meant to be an announce-only mailing list, for those who wish to keep  
in touch with what the chapters around the world are doing. It will  
receive regular updates from various chapters about their activities.

[Meeting Report] - Michael gave an unofficial recap of the recent  
October Board of Trustees Meeting.  In it, he discussed updates to two  
policies, update on board calendar, discussions about open standards,  
file formats, and some changes to the Advisory Board.  He also said  
that the minutes will be posted soon after they are approved.

[Sub-national Chapters] Another topic of discussion at the board  
meeting was sub-national chapters.  The board supports the development  
of sub-national chapters where appropriate and is starting a workgroup  
to figure out how the sub-national chapters will be handled.

[Wikimedia Argentina] - is going to give the "Wikipedia Academy"  
conferences and workshops next November 6th.

=== Community ===

[General Survey] - A multilingual Wikipedia survey has been launched  
by the Wikimedia Foundation and UNU-Merit.  Currently, there are  
versions available in Dutch, Tamil, and Vietnamese with many other  
languages (including English) going live in the next few days to  
weeks.  Please complete the survey so that the Foundation can more  
accurately get a picture of who contributes to the projects!  Don't  
worry, no personally identifiable information will be released by  
UNU-Merit or the Wikimedia Foundation without permission of the  

[Wikipedia Logo Updates] - A project spearheaded by the Foundation and  
Wikipedia community members to fix the errors on the globe of  
Wikipedia's logo and to fill in the blanks on the "other side" has  
begun.  This project was started in response to many concerns over the  
years that there were many errors in the globe.  Community and staff  
members both agreed that it would also be nice to have a full globe  
for memorabilia and for a 3D prop at events.  It is requested that all  
community members join in on the discussion at Meta-Wiki!

[Wikis Take Manhattan] - A scavenger hunt and free content photography  
contest aimed at illustrating Wikipedia and the  
transportation-oriented Streetswiki (covering sites in Manhattan and  
New York City) was held.  It was coordinated by New York City  
Wikimedians, Free Culture Columbia, Free Culture NYU, and The Open  
Planning Project with 23 teams and over 50 participants (the great  
majority non-Wikimedians). The grand prize winners will be having a  
free dinner with Jimmy Wales.

[Wikinews Meets Google News] - After a long series of discussions with  
Google, Wikinews is finally listed in the search results of Google  
News site: http://news.google.com/.  The problem was that Google did  
not think it was reliable enough to be included (since anyone could  
edit), but after Wikinews had FlaggedRevs enabled it was finally  
deemed reliable!

=== Awards ===

[DE wp] - The German Wikipedia won the audience award "OnlineStar" in  
the category "knowledge, news & information".

=== Other news ===

[Probably off-topic] - nevertheless - A 6-year old, heavily  
brain-damaged girl is now able to talk to hear parents with a computer  
that tracks her eye movements. She's also able to browse the internet,  
and maybe to read Wikipedia one day?

=== Quote ===

"Wiki is 2/3 of planning, the rest is a loop in the dark" (Napoleon
Bonaparte, according to Eric Johnson at Wikimania 2008)

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