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Year: 2009  Week: 29  Number: 108


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[LiquidThreads] - One of the few things that has not changed since the  
start of the projects in 2001 is how the talk pages work. Correction:  
the name has changed, it is now "a discussion page". Besides that,  
that can change. The MediaWiki extension "LiquidThreads" is again in  
development by order of the Wikimedia Foundation. LiquidThreads makes  
from a discussion page more a forum, but in a good way. It is not like  
a traditional php-forum, it remains very wiki.
http://wiki.werdn.us/test/view/Talk:Main_Page -- LiquidThreads in action
http://blog.werdn.us/2009/06/discussion-threading-on-wikimedia-sites-with-liquidthreads/ -- if interested about this: read  

[Code updates] - In the past, the Wikimedia sites were updated roughly  
every week with the new code from Wikimedia's revision (or version)  
control system (SVN).  But recently, this has not been taking place  
due to the developers being busy elsewhere -- the last update was on  
March 25, months ago!  To help with this, Erik announced that the  
Foundation is planning to hire a full-time "QA engineer to help with  
code review, bug triaging and deployment". *Update*:  After the  
writing of this entry, a code update took place to r51904 (r51864 for  
extensions).  But as of publication, SVN's latest revision was r25015,  
so help is still needed.
-- mailing list post
http://svn.wikimedia.org -- SVN

[MW 1.15.0] - MediaWiki 1.15.0 was released, this is the first stable  
release of the 2009 Q2 branch of MediaWiki.
-- release notes
-- mailing list post

=== Request for help ===

[New study] - There is a new research study about effects of a  
modification to the Wikipedia editing interface.  Participants will  
test an experimental change to one aspect of the Wikipedia interface.  
All that you have to do is edit Wikipedia as you would normally. After  
the observation is complete, you will be asked to fill out a  
questionnaire and you'll be able to continue using the interface  
modification if you like.
http://wikipedia.grouplens.org/NICE/consent/index.html -- consent form
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.science.linguistics.wikipedia.english/100810 --  
mailing list post about the subject

[Greenspun] - The Greenspun project, an initiative that tried to fund  
the creation and improvement of illustrations for Wikimedia, has been  
stalled and is currently looking for ideas on how to better go about  
the project.  Suggestions and discussion are appreciated on the  
mailing list!
http://brianna.modernthings.org/article/213/reflections-on-pgip-phase-1 --  
blog post describing what went wrong
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Greenspun -- project page
-- mailing list

=== Foundation ===

[LU] - The licensing update is in progress. The license of the WMF  
website and the English Wikipedia is updated.  Help is going to be  
needed for translations, please watch translators-l for details.

[BLP] - After the Wikimedia Board of Trustees released a statement  
about content on living people, a new global policy is being created  
that attempts to deal with those issues in the spirit of that  
resolution.  Comments and help is appreciated on Meta.
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/BLP -- proposed policy
http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Resolution:Biographies_of_living_people --  
Board statement

[WMF openings] - The Wikimedia Foundation is still looking for a  
software developer to help with the Usability Project, as well as a  
Communications intern.  Both positions are based in San Francisco, but  
remote work is possible for the software developer position.

[OTRS Stats] - The Foundation is currently looking for a volunteer  
interested in evaluating and analyzing how the response system  
("OTRS") has been working for the English Wikipedia.

=== Legal ===

[Privacy violation?] - There was a bit of drama on the Foundation  
mailing lists when a KnowPrivacy study - a research project by the  
School of Information from University of California in Berkeley - hit  
the German media.  It showed findings that Wikipedia, among many other  
websites, used "web bugs" like Google Analytics on its pages.  Further  
investigation revealed this was triggered by content on vlswiki &  
huwiki.  The former was added to confusion that it was a privacy  
violation and it turns out the Hungarian Wikipedia was just a false  
alarm (it was a private stats generator)
http://www.heise.de/newsticker/Studie-Google-fuehrend-bei-Web-Bug-Nutzung--/meldung/139841 -- newspaper article  

=== Agenda ===

[Wikimedia Canada] - There is a planning meeting for Wikimedia Canada  
being organized for June 18, interested users and Canadians should  
definitely attend.
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikimedia_Canada/Meetings/2009-06-18 --  
meeting sign up page

[Wiki-Conference NY] - The 1st Wiki-Conference in New York will be  
held over the weekend of July 25-26, 2009 at New York University, and  
hosted by Free Culture @ NYU and Wikimedia New York City.  Jimmy Wales  
will be giving a keynote, and there will also be panels, lightning  
talks, and open space technology.  There's also the Central Park picnic!

=== Community ===

[WMDE-5 years!] - Happy 5th birthday WMDE! Wikimedia Deutschland, the  
German chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation celebrated 5 years of being  
an organization with a party in Berlin.

[Paid editing?] - The English language Wikipedia has started a  
"Request for comment" on whether or not to allow paid editing, or  
under what circumstances to allow it.

[IRC GCs] - There are new IRC Group Contacts -- the group of people  
who help manage the Wikimedia Foundation IRC channels (setting cloaks,  
fixing access issues, etc.).  More information can be found in the  
actual announcement.

[Commons] - After some drama surrounding a "fight" between Wikimedia  
Commons community member and a Wikimedia Israel project, a large  
number of discussions have sprung up about the problems with Commons  
and whether it's a service project or a more independent one.  The  
discussions can be found on foundation-l, commons-l, and the Commons  
Village pump.

[Toolserver outreach] - The Wikimedia Toolserver is trying to increase  
its communications with local wiki communities by (1) creating short  
page describing the toolserver, with the relevant links, (2)  
increasing the use of the blog, and (3) encouraging people to  
document/explain their tools.  Feedback on this plan, as well as  
suggestions and offerings for help are appreciated!
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.org.wikimedia.toolserver/1405 -- start  
of the thread

[AR Wikinews] - probably inspired by the English Wikinews who added  
social bookmarking links to the story's has the Arabic Wikinews also  
done that. Probably most Wikinews editions will follow.

=== Media ===

[WP as a book] - An artist puts all 5,000 of Wikipedia's featured  
articles in one book.
http://www.rob-matthews.com/index.php?/project/wikipedia/ -- picture  
of the book
-- newspaper article on subject

[Wikipedia in Google News] - Google News has been experimenting with  
links to EN Wikipedia on its homepage. The appear as a link for more  
information related to the news topic itself. So Wikipedia is not  
listed as news source, what is good because Wikipedia is not a news  
site. But it can provide much-needed context and up-to-date  
information that static news articles cannot always offer. The stories  
of the English language Wikinews, what indeed a news site is, does  
appear in Google News as news articles.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/chiropractic/3601011581/ -- example
http://www.niemanlab.org/2009/06/google-news-experimenting-with-links-to-wikipedia-on-its-homepage/ -- blog post on the  

[Sam Blacketer] - An English Wikipedia Arbitrator turned out to be a  
controversial politician who had been blocked before for editing his  
opponents' articles.  A few British newspapers picked up on this story.

[Colbert Report] - The English Wikipedia's blocking of the Church of  
Scientology was picked up by American "spoof" news program The Colbert  

[Testimony to Congress] - not very Wiki-related but nevertheless  
interesting reading (only 3 pages). Statement from Marissa Mayer, Vice  
President of Search Product and User Experience of Google, about the  
internet changes the way people read news.

=== Stats ===

[ko.wp] - the Korean Wikipedia has reached 100,000 articles.
http://ko.wikipedia.org/wiki/%EC%95%A1%EC%84%B8%EC%8A%A4%EA%B6%8C --  
100,000th article

=== Did you know ... ===

... that Google has released a very handy tool for translating a  
Wikipedia article?

Google offers since long a free automatic translation service. Based  
on that Google Toolkit is released. You have a personal overview page,  
"a desk", where you can upload text from files or websites.

For text from (the English) Wikipedia is there a special interface  
designed for translating Wikipedia content. The source text must be  
English, the target language options are limited but there is a fair  

The basic idea is that the toolkit will automatically translate the  
text for you and then you can make fixes to the text. Not only does  
this help you get the translations done but it also helps Google  
Translate to learn from your changes and become better and better.  
That translation in progress can be shared with other people so the  
can also work on it.

How good the automatic translation is will probably differ from  
language to language.  Translations from English to Arabic should be  
fair because Google used that explicitly as in example in there press  

This tool can make it very easy to translate an article from the huge  
English Wikipedia to one of the many small wiki's in other languages.  
The toolkit may change the way Wikipedia grows in other languages. If  
used correctly. It can also be used to import a lot crappy new  
articles to a wiki.

Google Toolkit could also be useful for making translations of  
Wikizine, if one is interested in doing so.

http://translate.google.com/toolkit -- google translator webkit
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7W2NJFdoIg -- short video-overview of  
how it works, Wikipedia is used as example
http://blog.wikimedia.org/2009/06/09/google-translator-toolkit-supports-wikipedia/ -- Wikimedia Blog post about the  

=== Quote ===

?The automobile has practically reached the limit of its development?  
? Scientific American, 1909

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