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Year: 2009  Week: 30  Number: 112


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Media server problems] - there were some media load problems on all  
the sites, which caused "extreme slowness or temporary  
inaccessibility".  The sysadmins took advantage of this downtime to  
redo the way we access media files internally which will help reduce  
the impact on the rest of the site when load problems on the file  
servers occur, and also spreads out the load among multiple servers to  
improve things even more.  They had to shut off all uploads for a  
while to get this done!

[Wikipedia Weekly interviews the Usability Team] - Wikipedia Weekly, a  
podcast for and by Wikimedians, interviewed the Usability team.

[MediaWiki:Sharedupload change] - MediaWiki:Sharedupload became  
MediaWiki:Sharedupload-desc-here. Admins in other projects should  
rename the first one to the second in order to customize messages for  
images from Commons.  (That's the text shown when a Commons image is  
shown on another project:  

=== Request for help ===

[Translation of the week] -- the Translation of the Week needs help!  
If you speak another language and would like to translate "History of  
pizza" into your language, TOTW is for you. ;-)

=== Foundation ===

[Board elections] - the candidate deadline for the elections to the  
Board of Trustees has been extended to July 27 due to some technical  
issues for which the CentralNotice had to be turned off.  The  
questioning of the candidates has also begun and translation is ongoing.
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2009/Candidates -- candidates
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2009/Candidates/Questions --  
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Board_elections/2009/Translation -- translation

[New "Strategic Planning" Staff] - the Foundation announced that they  
filled two positions for their Strategic Planning project.
http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2009-July/053165.html --  
project manager
http://lists.wikimedia.org/pipermail/foundation-l/2009-July/053168.html --  

[National Portrait Gallery] - the English National Portrait Gallery  
(NPG) in London (UK) has threatened to sue a U.S. citizen, Derrick  
Coetzee. The legal letter followed claims that he had breached the  
Gallery's copyright in several thousand photographs of works of art  
uploaded to the Wikimedia Commons, a free online media repository.  
More information in the extremely detailed Wikinews article.
*Update*: The WMF and NPG have entered into good-faith negotiations,  
according to Erik Moeller.
http://blog.wikimedia.org/2009/07/16/protecting-the-public-domain-and-sharing-our-cultural-heritage/ -- WMF blog  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2009-07-13/Copyright_threat -- summary by the  

[Academy: NIH] - the Wikimedia Foundation announced and had its first  
Wikipedia Academy (outreach event to teach people to become  
contributors) in the United States this week.
http://wikimediafoundation.org/wiki/Press_releases/NIH_and_WMF_announce_first_WP_Academy_July_2009 -- press  
http://twitter.com/#search?q=%23nihwiki -- twitter coverage from the event
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Academy/NIH_2009 -- project writeup

[Advisory Board changes] - Angela, chair of the Advisory Board, has  
updated the "Advisory Board" page to show that 8 members have left,  
bringing the current total to 15 advisory board members.

[Fundraising 2008: Post-Mortem] - Rand Montoya, the Foundation's Head  
of Community Giving, has posed a post-mortem (basically "what went  
wrong, what went right and what can we do better?") on the 2008  
Fundraising Drive.

=== Community ===

[Board elections: Inspiration] - some Wikimedians suggested that it  
might be better if prospective candidates knew *why* they should run  
for board member; what's it really like to be one?  Stu West  
(appointed member, treasurer) responded and explained why serving on  
the Board is rewarding.

[wm2009: schedule & flu] - the Wikimania 2009 team posted two updates  
this week where they created a draft schedule for the conference on  
their wiki and posted a message about swine flu concerns to a few  
mailing lists.
http://wikimania2009.wikimedia.org/wiki/Schedule -- schedule on wiki
-- mailing list post (swine flu)

[Open Source Schools] - Wikimedia UK's secretary is presenting a piece  
on the subject of "using Wikipedia in schools" at the Open Source  
Schools "un"conference in Nottingham (UK) next Monday 20th July.  If  
you're in the area, it sounds like it'll be interesting! (Conference  
admission is 55 pounds.)
http://opensourceschools.org.uk/node/11659 -- presentation
http://www.ncsl.org.uk/lcc-map.pdf -- venue

[Spotlight] - Many projects must have there projects to improve the  
quality if an article. The English Wikipedia has there project  
"Spotlight". It not a new thing, the started end of 2006.  But the  
news is that it has lost it {{historical}} - label. The spot is again  

=== Media ===

[Rorschach Test Censorship] - English Wikipedians had an interesting  
argument about whether or not to include the Rorschach ink blot tests  
in the article on the subject.  No, it's not because of licensing, the  
files are in the public domain.  It's actually about ethics, people  
are worried it will ruin the validity of the tests.  The Wikipedia  
discussion was picked up by blogs/news outlets.

[WikiWars Conference] - the first conference to be held in Bangalore  
(India), called WikiWars, invites participation from users, scholars,  
academics, practitioners, artists and other cultural workers, to share  
their experiences, ideas, experiments, innovations, applications and  
stories about Wikipedia.

[NPG Coverage] - the user who was threatened with legal action by the  
National Portrait Gallery is keeping a list of media coverage.

[WLA/NL] - The Dutch Wiki loves art initiative by Wikimedia Nederland  
ended and gained a total of 5447 photos of art objects from 45 museums  
photographed by no less than 292 enthusiastic volunteers. In a few  
weeks the pictures will become available on Commons, but the pictures  
can already be viewed on flickr.

=== Stats ===

[en.wp] - Erik Zachte, Wikimedia status guru and owner of  
infodisiac.com, has published new wikistats data for the English  
Wikipedia for the first time since October 2006.  This also allows  
publication of much wanted totals for all wikipedias combined, and  
trend forecasts.
-- blog post #1
-- blog post #2 (in-depth technical post)
http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/TablesWikipediaEN.htm -- new tables  
(click "charts" on the upper right to see pictures too)

[sv.wp biographies] - LA2 posted some research on the breakdown of  
articles on the Swedish Wikipedia.  The Wikipedians found out that  
26.6% of articles are biographies and that the overall ratio of  
biographies is 1 woman to 4 men (but that ratio gets worse as you go  
back in time).
-- mailing list post
http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:LA2-gender-age.png -- gender  
vs. age graph

=== Other news ===

[New Book] - a new freely licensed book has been launched about wikis  
in the workplace.

[LSS: foundation-l] - two new list summaries for the foundation-l  
posts have been posted, covering the second half of June and the first  
half of July.

=== Did you know ... ===

... that there is an easy solution to Wikipedia's vandalism problems?

According to one humorous website, "ALL WE NEED TO DO is direct our  
vandalism entirely to the article about chickens. Imagine a Wikipedia  
free of vandalism!"

Note: that is a humorous website. It does not mean you are allowed to  
... with Wikipdia's chickens.

=== Quote ===

"Try to learn something about everything and everything about  
something." - Thomas H. Huxley

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