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Year: 2009  Week: 38  Number:  119


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Technical news ===

[Announce: Brion moving to StatusNet] - Brion Vibber, the Chief  
Technical Officer, announced that he's leaving the Wikimedia  
Foundation after four years.

[Labs: FlaggedRevs] - due to some miscommunications, a lot of people  
didn't realize that the FlaggedRevs labs test wiki has been active and  
waiting for people to poke at it for a month.  The developers need  
interested people to be set up as local administrators to try out the  
the per-page stabilization settings (accessed via the "protect" tab);  
by default most pages do not activate FlaggedRevs in the configuration  
we?re testing for English Wikipedia.

[Labs: LiquidThreads] - another Wikimedia Labs wiki has been created,  
this time for Liquid Threads.  Liquid Threads aims to clean up the way  
we communicate about articles, turning talk pages into  
cleaner/threaded discussion pages.

[Supporting translatewiki.net] - the Wikimedia Foundation has hired  
Siebrand Mazeland as a contractor.  He will get paid one day a week to  
work on translatewiki.

=== Foundation ===

[WMFI and WMMK] - Wikimedia Suomi (Finland) and Wikimedia Macedonia  
were recently approved.

[Report to the Board] - Sue Gardner has posted her Report to the Board  
for the month of July 2009.

[Fundraising page demos] - Rand Montoya, the Head of Community Giving,  
has posted some demos of the new Fundraising pages.  Your feedback  
would be appreciated.

[WMF IRC Office hours] - Following the Wikimedia Foundation Office  
hours with Sue Gardner, one with Rand Montoya was held on Thursday.  
The log is available on Meta.

=== Agenda ===

[NO: Academy] - Wikimedia Norway is planning a Wikipedia Academy for  
October 14-15, 2009.
http://no.wikimedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia_Academy_2009 (no)

=== Community ===

[DE: New Wikimedium] - Wikimedia Deutschland has published its third  
newspaper.  This German newspaper is intended for sponsors, partners,  
friends and fans of Wikimedia.  It's very visually appealing and even  
includes content about Wikimedia "around the world".

[Bug: Google News and Wikinews] - the recent MediaWiki updates caused  
yet another problem:  now Wikinews isn't being indexed by Google News  

[Translatewiki.net as a WMF project?] - Siebrand asked what  
Translatewiki (the website where the MediaWiki interface is  
translated) and the Wikimedia Foundation would gain by translatewiki  
being made an official Wikimedia project.  Gerard offered a few of his  
own thoughts.

[Wikipedia Journal] - Liam Wyatt made a proposal about a peer-reviewed  
journal for academics to write Wikipedia articles.  It might be  
interesting to read the proposal and discussions about it.

[en.wn "Report"] - an English Wikinews user posted a mini-report about  
what happened in September 2009 on the project.

=== Media ===

[BD: Chapter planning] - there has been more coverage on the planned  
Wikimedia chapter in Bangladesh.

=== Stats ===

[sr.wn] - the Serbian Wikinews became the largest Wikinews version (by  
number of articles), ousting the English Wikinews from that spot. This  
is the second time that a Wikimedia project has surpassed the English  
version, the first time being the French Wiktionary.
http://sr.wikinews.org/wiki/Vikivesti_na_srpskom_prve_po_broju_%C4%8Dlanaka --  
(sr) Wikinews article on its own milestone

[fr.wikt] - the French Wiktionary has reached 1,500,000 entries.
http://fr.wiktionary.org/wiki/%C3%A9coredevance -- 1.5 millionth article

[ru.ws] - The Russian Wikisource has reached 50,000 texts.

[hy.wp] - The Armenian Wikipedia has reached 5,000 articles.

=== Other news ===

[Google Search] - Google Search results now actually link directly to  
the section that you're looking for.

[WikipediaVision] - A student from Helsinki has created  
"WikipediaVision", a live visualization of anonymous edits to  
Wikipedia by location. The site combines Wikipedia's Recent Changes  
feed with Google Maps.  Although this seems to have been around for a  
while, the link has resurfaced after it was exhibited live at MFK in  
Bern (from April until August).

[Why do they edit?] - Ziko offers some suggestions on the different  
reasons people choose to edit (and what/where they choose to edit).

=== Did you know ... ===

...that you can even upload home movies to Wikipedia?  Wikipedia's  
video support is improving, Wikimedians have even been uploading  
videos of their children illustrating certain Wikipedia topics.

=== Quote ===
"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."  
-- Mohandas Gandhi

Editor(s): Alex, Casey
Thanks to: Sue, Liam, Kat, jeblad, Rand, Judson, Belayet, Shizhao,  
bawolff, David, Brion, Otourly, Cary, Sage, Gerard, Signpost,  
@WikimediaDE, Andrew, Ziko, Erik, Philippe, Filip, Milos, Belayet,  
Jon, Platonides
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