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Year: 2011  Week: 37  Number: 127


An independent internal news bulletin
for the members of the Wikimedia community


=== Wikizine ===

[Editorial] - As Walter said in the previous edition, I took  
initiative and there are some changes in the Wikizine concept. But,  
more about them on Friday, in Talk Edition of Wikizine! Milos.

[Your reports] - Post your news for the next edition of Wikizine on  
Meta or in our Google form.

=== Request for Comments ===

[ISO 639-1 => ISO 639-3] - User:とある白い猫 has started discussion about  
moving Wikimedia projects with ISO 639-1 code in the name (like "en")  
to ISO 639-3 code (like "eng"). The discussion was held in 2008 on  
Bugzilla, as well.

=== Movement ===

[Wiki Loves Monuments] - Wiki Loves Monuments launched last week.  
Press release published: Make European Cultural Heritage Accessible to  
the World.

=== Technical news ===

[Wikidroid for Wikipedia] - Positive analysis about (likely)  
proprietary software "Wikidroid for Wikipedia" published on Android Pit.

=== Foundation ===

[Image filter "referendum" over] - It said to us what we already know:  
Wikimedians are multicultural and want to allow themselves to change  
their mind. However, no consensus emerged in relation to the most  
important question: should images be filtered at all? The survey  
questions were not asked in a form allowing "yes/no" answers;  
participants were asked to indicate the importance of some features on  
a scale. "Referendum" turnout was around 3%: ~700,000 emails were sent  
to eligible users, ~24,000 respondents expressed their opinions. (In  
comparison, Board elections have 10-15% turnout.) The next step is to  
analyze those numbers.

[GLAM report] - WMF's GLAM initiative published August 2011 reports  
from USA, UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Mexico and Israel.

[Wikipedia Editor Satisfaction Index] - Mani Pande and Ayush Khanna  
from WMF introduced a new measurement, the Wikipedia Editor  
Satisfaction Index.

=== Chapters ===

[WMF representatives in chapters' boards?] - The initiative for  
Wikimedia Brazil presented the idea to have a WMF appointed member of  
their chapter Board. After Ray Saintonge noted that it's not quite  
regular, Jimmy Wales supported the idea, which, in turn, sparked long  
discussion about (un)acceptable WMF influence over chapters.

=== Science ===

[Gender Bias] - In the Volume 5 for 2011, International Journal of  
Communication published a paper by Joseph Reagle and Lauren Rhue  
called "Gender Bias in Wikipedia and Britannica".
http://ijoc.org/ojs/index.php/ijoc/article/view/777/591 (pdf)

[Investigating editing anxiety in new users] - A project by Dr.  
Benjamin R. Cowan and Professor Russell Beale has been added to the  
Research directory.

[Research committee meeting] - RCom held a meeting on September 2nd.  
Notes from the meeting are available on Wikimedia Etherpad.

[Virtual community research] - Stuart Easterling, WMF Virtual  
Community History Fellow published an update on Virtual community  
history research of Wikipedia in Spanish.

=== Media ===
[Wikipedia Signpost] - New edition of Wikipedia Signpost has been  
published. In this edition you can find stories: Riding with  
WikiProject London Transport, The copyright crisis, and why we should  
care, Britannica and Wikipedia like "apples and chairs", Should anyone  
who's anyone get an article? etc.

=== Events and meetups ===

[21 August - 6 October] - Stewards election.
** [21 August - 6 October] - Questions to candidates.
**: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Stewards/elections_2011-2/Questions
** [15 September - 6 October] - Voting.

[10 September] - Wiki Takes Amsterdam will be held on September 10th.

[10 September] - Kolkata7 meetup

[11 September] - London 49 meetup

[14 September] - Workshop for GLAMs at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum,  
UK will be held on September 14th.

[14 September] - Amical Viquipèdia and Foundation Joan Miró organize  
the contest for improving articles about Joan Miró, on September 14th.

[14-16 September] - [New Orleans Hackathon] - New Orleans Hackathon  
will take place between October 14th and 16th.

[15 September] - Wiki Wildlife Bristol, an event focused on writing  
about endangered species for Wikipedia, will take place on September  

[16 September] - Hong Kong 57 meetup

[17 September] - Wikipedia Takes Barcelona will be held on September 17th.

[17 September] - Wiki Takes Amersfoort (Netherlands) will take place  
on September 17th.

[17 September] - Wikipedia takes Fremantle (Australia) will be held on  
September 17th.

[17 September] - Manchester meetup

[17 September] - Berkeley Wikipedia Meetup

[24 September] - Wiki Takes de Zaan (Netherlands) will be held on  
September 24th.

[24-25 September] - Polish Wikipedia community, supported by Wikimedia  
Polska, is going to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the project  
(founded on September 26, 2001) with a conference to be held on  
September 24-25, in Poznan, Poland.
http://tinyurl.com/42tkjub (Google translate)

[30 September] - The last day of the project Wiki Loves Monuments for  
this year is September 30th.

: Meetups are filled from Wikipedia:Meetup page at English Wikipedia.  
Please, add your meetup there and it will be published by Wikizine.  
: GLAM-related events are held on Outreach Wiki. If you add your  
GLAM-related event there, it will be published in Wikizine.  
: For other events, please post them on our events page or send us  
email with short description of your event.  
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