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Year: 2011  Week: 4  Number: 123


When you thought you were relieved of it...


=== 2010 ===

[News of the Wiki: year 2010] - Wikizine totally failed at informing  
you about Wikimedia news last year. This was regrettable but  
unavoidable due the lack of active staff. Fortunately, "The Signpost"  
looks better than ever and provides an excellent overview about the  
main topics of the past year in the Wikimedia world.

=== Technical news ===

[Virginia Data Center] - the WMF has rented space in a data center in  
Virginia, USA. Installation of the hardware has been scheduled for  
February 2011. This location will soon become the main WMF data center.

[Article feedback] - a function to give readers the option of rating  
the quality of an article has been activated on a few pages of the  
English Wikipedia. The test showed that anonymous users give a much  
higher score than registered users. It started in September 2010 and  
is ongoing.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abortion -- an article with the feedback  
function enabled

[WMF Engineering Update] - an extensive overview of technical news,  
events and more.

=== Request for help ===

[Keep your news clippings] - Do you see an article about Wikipedia in  
a newspaper or other printed media? Keep it. Contact your local  
chapter (if it exists) to ask if they can keep it safe for your local  
community. When there is no chapter, just keep it yourself --  
especially if you are from a small language Wikipedia. Every article  
that appears in print is something to collect.

=== Foundation ===

[Founder] - A video message from Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, to  
the world

=== Agenda ===

[StrataConf 2011] - February 1-3, 2011, Santa Clara, California ? Many  
Wikimedians will be attending the O'Reilly conference, and there will  
be a an informal meetup with foundation staff member Erik Zachte on  
Wikimedia Data.

[FOSDEM] - February 5-6, Brussels, Belgium ? Tomasz Finc, Arthur  
Richards, and Roan Kattouw will be at FOSDEM 2011 this year. They will  
be speaking about data collection at Wikimedia.

=== Community ===

[Celebrations] - A collection of photos from many Wikipedia 10  
community events are available on the "Ten Wikipedia".  All of these  
photos, especially the "international birthday cakes", are very nice  
and worth a look. Online you could see that there was something  
special at the English Wikipedia which used the special Wiki10 logo,  
and at the Dutch Wikipedia which used the old Wikipedia logo for one  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wikipedia_Signpost/2011-01-17/News_and_notes -- report about Wiki10 by the  

=== Media ===

[10 years] - There has been a huge amount of media coverage. A very  
long - and totaly incomplete - list of links to articles can be found  
at the "Ten Wikipedia". There has been also radio and television  
interviews, not only with WMF key figures but also with regular users.

[A few links] - A very small selection of recent articles about the  
10th anniversary of Wikipedia. For more, see above.

=== Other news ===

[Translating EN WP] - A common misconception is that the many language  
editions of Wikipedia are actually translations of the English  
Wikipedia. In the case of Thai, however, this is correct. "Asia  
Online" created a complete translation of EN Wikipedia to the Thai  
language. This was done through advanced machine translation and a  
staff of 10 proofreaders.

=== Did you know ... ===

... there are two Spanish language "Wikipedias"?

The ES Wikipedia forked to an independent project in the early days of  
Wikipedia: "Enciclopedia Libre Universal en EspaƱol". At first the new  
project was very successful, but ES Wikipedia overtook the fork in  
2004. A couple of days ago the Spanish language Wikipedia passed the  
700,000 article mark and remains the 7th largest Wikipedia. The fork  
is still bravely working on their own version and has a respectable  
46,000 articles. It would be 53th largest Wikipedia if it were part of  
our club.

-- read me; long interview with Edgar Enyedy, early ES Wikipedia about  
the fork and Wikipedia

=== Quote ===

"People should not be afraid of their governments. Governments should  
be afraid of their people."


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Corrector(s): Casey, Alex
Thanks to: Dennis Tobar, Jan M. Von Sitel, Platonides
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