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[Election 2007] Day 1

KIZU Naoko
Thank you for all your participant to Board Election 2007.
Here is the report from Election Committee, on June 29, 2007.
It is also available at:

== Overview ==
Day 1 : 2007/07/29
* Voting has started.
* over 1100 users may have voted.
* Some technical problems happened and were fixed.
* Translations are appreciated.

== Votes ==
In Day 1, 1143 votes were casted. Those votes may include votes from
one user but multiple projects, voluntary strikes by users themselves
or involuntary strikes by Election Committee members, and undetected
frauds. Even reduced, the valid vote count is estimated over 1,100. So
far, the total number of votes is near, or perhaps greater than, the
total votes casted for the first Election in 2004.

As for voters by projects, the largest part has come from English
Wikipedia. Several other European language projects are following.
Votes have come from Eastern language communities also, including
Arabic, Chinese or Japanese.

Votes have come from not only Wikipedia, but also from Wiktionary,
Wikibooks, Commons and some other projects. Wikiversity people were
troubled in the early stage (See [[#Bugs]]). We hope all community
members can vote smoothly by now.

We appreciate all the people, who actively participate help
troubleshoot and localize settings and spread information by all
possible means.

== Bugs ==
*[Outdated information] Some early voters got wrong links with 2006
Election information. Now it seems to be fixed.

*[Wikiversity] Some early Wikiversity users were shut out from the
voting. It was a genuine technical problem and soon fixed.

*[Link broken] SPI changed our wiki over to SSL, leaving a broken
redirect from the original http:// address. Tim Starling changed the
redirect on our side to go directly to the https:// address, restoring
service, and contacted them to have them fix their redirect, which
they have one. In addition, users now get a warning before
redirection. The new message file may be found
<nowiki>[[MediaWiki:Boardvote redirecting]]</nowiki>, if localized
(See also [[#Translation requests]]).

== Translation requests ==
* [Settings] This year two Boardvote files are globally updated, and
four added. Except one, all those files are to move to SPI wiki, not
hosted on local wikis.
* [Boardvote Update] [[MediaWiki:Boardvote entry]] and
[[MediaWiki:Boardvote notqualified]] are updated. Entry is filled with
the up-to-date info, and Notqualified is tuned to use on the remote
* [Boardvote New] Additions are[[MediaWiki:Boardvote nosesion]],
[[MediaWiki:Boardvote welcome]], [[MediaWiki:Boardvote blocked]] and
[[MediaWiki:Boardvote redirecting]]. The first three messages are used
on SPI wiki, the other on your own wiki.
* All those messages are found on [[MetaWikiPedia:Board
elections/2007/Interface translation/diff]] and ready to translate.

== Contacts ==
* Questions about Election system: [[MetaWikiPedia:Talk:Board
* Bug reports, Comments, Compliments and others:
[[MetaWikiPedia:Talk:Board elections/2007/en]]

KIZU Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
  * habent enim emolumentum in labore suo *
On behalf of Wikimedia Board Election Steering Committee

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