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Especial:Newpages doens't follow .htaccess

Mauro do Carmo-2
Thanks to ALL of you for your great help,

I could do nothing without you guys.

I get another question, though:

I've noticed that the links on Especial:Allpages, and Especial:Recentchanges
respect the .htaccess rewrite roles so all links of my site look nice.

However, the links on Especial:Newpages do not follow the .htaccess rewrite.
That is one think important to me since Especial:Newpages is one of the most
important page in my wiki.

So, if anyone could give me a clue to how to change the links on
Especial:Newpages in order to have them rewrited, I will appreciate.

Thanks a lot, mauro.

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