Event in Oxford tomorrow: Free Speech Debate

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Event in Oxford tomorrow: Free Speech Debate

Martin Poulter-2
Hi all,
as part of our global education programme, both the Foundation and
Wikimedia UK are working with an Oxford University project that Jimmy
Wales is helping to launch tomorrow. Specifically, they will be
improving articles related to free speech in multiple languages on

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Free Speech Debate (www.freespeechdebate.com), a multi-lingual (13
languages!) website for the discussion of free speech in the age of mass
migration and the internet has now launched.

The research project is being run by Timothy Garton Ash, Guardian columnist
and professor of European Studies at Oxford University, with help from a
team of graduate students who are native speakers in all 13 languages.

Draft principles are laid out on the website, together with explanations
and case studies - all for debate. Prominent individuals from a variety of
backgrounds are interviewed and asked to comment through video, audio and
text. The English site is now up and running, with the other language pages
to be rolled out over the coming days. Please register to comment and
receive updates.

Free Speech Debate will be holding its launch event on Thursday 19 January
2012 at 5pm UK time. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales will be in conversation
with Timothy Garton Ash, with a contribution from Iranian Nobel peace prize
winner Shirin Ebadi. We will be live streaming and live blogging the event
on our website. Wikipedians are warmly invited to join us online for the

You can also follow us on Twitter (@onfreespeech), Sina Weibo
(@言论自由大讨论), LiveJournal (onfreespeech) and Mixi

Dr Martin L Poulter
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