EventStreams offset reset - June 5 2018

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EventStreams offset reset - June 5 2018

Andrew Otto
Hi all!

*If you are not an active user of the EventStreams service, you can ignore
this email.*

​We’re in the process of upgrading
<> the backend infrastructure that
powers the EventStreams service.  When we switch EventStreams to the new​
infrastructure <>, the ‘offsets’
AKA Last-Event-IDs will change.

Connected EventStreams SSE clients will reconnect and not be able to
automatically consume from the exact position in the stream where they left
off.  Instead, reconnecting clients will begin consuming from the latest
messages in the stream.  This means that connected clients will likely miss
any messages that occurred during the reconnect period.  Hopefully this
will be a very small number of messages, as your SSE client should
reconnect quickly.

This switch is scheduled to happen on June 5 2018, at around 17:30 UTC.

Let us know if you have any questions.

- Andrew Otto
  Senior Systems Engineer, WMF
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