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Extension:OATHAuth - breaking changes!

Robert Vogel
Hello everybody!

The extension "OATHAuth" has been refactored recently. As a dedicated
PHP namespace has been introduced for that extension, all full
qualified class names have changed.

It has been noticed that some external code relies on class names
(T228588 [1]) of that extension.

All classes are now in `MediaWiki\Extension\OATHAuth` namespace.

Most notably the former `TOTPAuthenticationRequest` is now called

Also in `extension.json` `AuthManagerAutoConfig.secondaryauth.TOTPSecondaryAuthenticationProvider` has changed to

If your code relies in any way on the internal structure of
`Extension:OATHAuth`, please check if it still works.

### The public Action API does not have breaking changes! ###

[1] https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T228588

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