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Sabine Cretella
Hi, Berto forwarded me this mail (I am still not reading the lists regularly) and I asked Francis for help who immediately reacted.

We now have here:


These need proofreading.

So if you can help, please contact me at
[hidden email] or
[hidden email]

Please let me know which other languages are needed so that I can post a request on the translator's network I work with. This translation can be done in a file so we don't have the usual problems many professional translators have with wikis.

Best, Sabine


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Dear Wikipedia community,

A major new declaration on free content and education is in the process
of being released now, with the support of several major organizations
and influential individuals...


What I am writing you to ask about is help with translations:


I am not sure where the best place on-wiki is to find people who would
perhaps be willing to assist with translation of this document, but
could someone post there for me?  Or post it in the Village Pump of
whatever languages you speak?


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Wikipedia-l mailing list
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