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Final Day Fund Drive Report

Daniel Mayer
Copied from:

The fund drive is officially over but donations are always being accepted and will be put to good

This was the most successful fundraiser the Wikimedia Foundation's history! Over 12,000 people
gave $350,000 USD, which will enable the foundation to support Wikipedia and its sister projects
this quarter. A big 'Thank you!' to everyone who donated. A proper report for the whole drive will
need to wait until the final Dexia and mail donation updates have been received.

For '''Day 21''' a total of 1292 people gave a total of $33,741.07 through PayPal. There were no
donations made through MoneyBookers and no updates on mail or Dexia donations at this time.  The
average PayPal donation this day was $26.12.

:Grand total at end of day: '''$349,184.42'''

Breakdown of Day 21 PayPal donations:

 AUD     1,037.33    (778.51 USD)
 CAD 1,445.78    (1,189.75 USD)
 EUR 4,292.77    (5,214.38 USD)
 GBP 1,448.43    (2,597.47 USD)
 JPY 37,410.00  (338.00 USD)
 USD 23,622.96
 Total 33,741.07 USD

==Special thanks to those who gave large donations==
David Peterson gave the largest donation this day, $1,000.00. There were also many donors who gave
the equivalent of about $100 or more (listed in no particular order); Paul Kaufmann, G J Reid,
Anthony Zwarich, Iain Galloway, Robert Stoop, Stefano Perfetti, Gilles Volluz, Daniel Haertle,
David Reaven, Sebastian Mathews, D Neal, Robert Merritt, Jonathan Rosen, Steven Johnson, Robert
Caruso, Eric Rechlin, Raymond Bernard, Adam Shand, Michael Brumm, Wayne Slavin, terrence parker,
Davras Yavuz, Vivek Jetley, Rakesh Loonkar, richard marini, Craig Taverner, Timothy White, Adam
Smith, GURUPAL SANDHU, Daniel Armstrong, Travis McKay, Scott Marcus, David Fawcett, David
Hershberger, Harold Strain, and 46 anonymous donors.

:<small>Note: While large donations are great, it should be noted that about 70% of all the money
donated to the Wikimedia Foundation comes from donations that are the equivalent of $50 or less
and the average donation is about $25.</small>

==Selected donor comments==
Let's all thank everybody who donated on this day by reading their comments.

:Full listing at:

*"You can't put a price on Wikipedia." by  anonymous
*"Merci, merci pour tout" by Sébastien Périer
*"A great extension of the original alturistic ideals of the internet" by Gavin Moodie
*"Wikipedia is an exceptional and visionary site." by anonymous
*"Eines der tollsten Projekte, die das Internet bis jetzt hervorgebracht hat. Riesen Dank an alle
Autoren!" by anonymous
*"Thank you for providing this free resource! It's great that you're trying to enlighten the world
and not profit from it! Thanks again!" by Katherine Pascucci
*"Rarely does knowledge have such great champions." by Sebastian Mathews
*"Anyone that has ever used Wikipedia understands the importance of the free flow of culture,
ideas and information that the site brings. But community is a two way process. Please give what
you can." by anonymous
*"I am a physics graduate student from China. I enjoy using Wikipedia!" by Meng Lu
*"I hope this small amount helps you make the world a better place for those who are not as lucky
as the rest of us." by anonymous
*Since I use it, I don't mind paying for that privilege so others can use this as well." by
*"Your information is assisting me in putting together a program on fair housing law for the
apartment industry. Thank you!" by anonymous
*"This project has been helpful in my graduate studies." by William Myatt
*"Per la libera condivisione dei saperi" by Fabio Volpe
*"I have always found Wikipedia to be a thorough, unbiassed source for curious whims and real
concerns. I find this mission to be noble and important. Thank you Wikipedia." by Danielle Pearson
*"I want to thank you (and your daughter) for this site - I owe my 'A' grades this fall to
Wikipedia and I thought you should know. As a student, this is all I can afford! For now,
anyway..." by anonymous
*"Why are copyrighted gradeschool Math textbooks $50 when the paper and binding costs about $4?
The language of Math should not be copyrighted for ridiculous profits." by anonymous
*"for TimStarling's assistance tracking down my MediaWiki issues" by Jonathan Cary
*"I love Wikipedia! It has encouraged me to leave the corporate world to serve humanity. Keep up
the good work!" by anonymous
*"Who needs textbooks! Thanks Wikimedia!" by anonymous
*"Wikipedia is the epitome of freedom, the internet as it should have been - free access to the
sum of human knowledge. Keep up the good work!" by David McCormick
*"Die beste Enzklopädie." by Tobias Nopper
*"The posting of the financials convinced me. The funds are being used to expand Wikiprdia. Here
is my contribution toward that expansion." by Bernard Dombrowski
*"Information wants to be free; and I'm willing to pay for its freedom." by Mike Sollanych
*"I am happy to contribute to this historic endeavor !" by Marcello Rolim Coelho

Some of my personal favorites:
*"If my comment doesn't make it on to the daily report, can I edit it?" by N Lowey
*"A peaceful and prosperous future comes from knowledge, freedom, and action. Act now to keep your
knowledge free." by Michael Brumm
*""An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin" by Jonathan
*"I am a first-year teacher and Wikipedia has been invaluable to the creation of my lesson plans.
Thanks!" by Philip Hart
*"Sterling stuff. If it wasn't for Wikipedia I'd have learned next to nothing this week about
norse gods, diamond mining, Rubik's cubes and Braille" by Chris Rae
*"Thanks for all those useful articles which saved me from hours of research!" by Manuel Müssig
*"The price I would pay monthly to Britannica I'd rather donate to Wikipedia." by Piotr Przemyslaw
*"Stuart Brand said "information wants to be free." We have to pay its bail." by Bob McCoy
*"I see tremendous potential for Wikipedia books project for advancing rural education in
developing countries. I wish this entire endeavor best of luck!" by Aditi Sen
*"I strongly support the aims and methods of the Wikipedia Foundation - this shows how good the
world can be" by anonymous
*"For my children Francis and Maya, and their kids ...and all kids, who should have the right to
learn without limits in order to make the world a better place" by Ronald Savage
*"Stop Reading Comments - Donation box is in top right hand corner!" by Adam Cooper

-- Daniel Mayer

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