Flagged protection and patrolled revisions poll at en.wiki

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Flagged protection and patrolled revisions poll at en.wiki

There's an ongoing poll at en.wiki[1] regarding a FlaggedRevs-type

It combines 'flagged protection' with patrolled revisions as a compromise
measure between full flagging and no flagging. The proposal is for a
two-month trial.

Just posting here mostly as a heads-up, but also in case anybody at the
staff or Foundation level wishes to veto this preemptively or state any
possible objections.

It's uncertain whether this proposal will pass, however I really don't want
to get into a situation where the proposal has on-wiki consensus but there
are (previously unknown) objections at a higher level.

Frustration levels are quite high regarding the quality of some of our
content (notably biographies of living persons) and FlaggedRevs has been a
long time coming.

CC'ing Erik on this e-mail as he seems to be the point person regarding

[hidden email]

[2] http://enwp.org/Wikipedia:Flagged_protection_and_patrolled_revisions

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