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KIZU Naoko
Hello there,
I would invite you to update [[Wikimedia:Our projects]] - introduction
of our nine projects (and some related). As for Wikiquote I modifed
its part, but I will be happy to coordinate with more active editors'
hands. For other projects, much more such collaborations will be

There is a draft version on meta.

I believe all parts are outdated to some extent, except Wikiversity
and Wiktionary (thank you, Cormaggio and Kipmaster). And hopefully
Wikiquote ... Regretfully this draft is not regularly updated - if we
can periodically update this draft and regularly replace with the
existing version on the Foundation website, we'll be able to provide
visitors latest information. I confess even I myself forget to update
the parts I am very familiar, but still I believe it is a worthy task
to keep in mind always.

We expect your description about your favorite project(s)!

KIZU Naoko
  Wikiquote: http://wikiquote.org
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