Free spots: Explainer video workshop this afternoon (2pm-5.30pm)

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Free spots: Explainer video workshop this afternoon (2pm-5.30pm)

Claudia Garád
Hi everyone,

are you still looking for some interesting to do this afternoon? Well, perhaps this is for you: like last year, we host a workshop for creating animated explainer videos for Wikimedia projects:

Start: 2pm in the museum (53)

Videos have become a popular format for the dissemination of information - especially short animated explainer videos which provide a quick overview over complex topics. The same principle applies to Wikipedia: videos can enrich exisiting content and provide an entertaining and easily comprehensible access to free knowledge. Together with experts from the simpleshow foundation Wikimedia Österreich offers workshops for Wikimedians which are designed to learn the tricks of the trade of screenwriting for explainer videos.
The workshop might also be interested for people who attended last year, as we will also introduce a new freeware, which enables you to produce the videos yourself!

Content of the workshop

   * Interested participants will learn the basic skills for creating plots of explainer videos: how to explain complex topics in a short and comprehensible way, how to work with cut-out animation, storyboard conception and visualization.
   *  The participants can create and refine their scripts and storyboards together with the simpleshow foundation after the workshop.
   *  Depending on the topic & previous research participants can turn their scipts directly into an ilustrated video using “mysimpleshow”-freeware.
    * The realization and production of the finished storyboard could be done either using the “mysimpleshow”-freeware or by the simpleshow foundation. The result will be published under the CC-BY-SA license on Wikimedia Commons.
   *  The screenwriters can use the videos for Wikipedia articles and other purposes.

What do you need?

   * Interest in storytelling
   * A topic for an explainer video
   * No previous knowledge in screenwriting or video production necessary

Claudia Garád
Executive Director

Wikimedia Österreich - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens
Siebensterngasse 25/15
1070 Wien
0699 141 28615
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