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Fresnel for MediaWiki (performance testing)

You may have noticed something called "mediawiki-fresnel" leaving messages
on Gerrit patches for MediaWiki in the past few days, and wondering what
it's all about. Allow me to introduce Fresnel!

Fresnel is an automation tool for measuring and comparing client-side
performance from web pages. Fresnel was developed over the past two
quarters and is now ready for action. [1] [2] [3]

To learn more about how to use it, what it offers, and how it works, check

Some feature highlights:

   - ⏱  *Metrics* from Navigation Timing, Paint Timing, and Resource Timing
   - 📊  DevTools *Timeline* from CI recording can be viewed locally in
   - 🖼  Recordings take a *screenshot* available in build artefacts.
   - 🔥  Scenarios perform a *warmup* and multiple runs for more stable

Timo Tijhof

[1] Launch task:
[2] Phabricator project:
[3] Task list:
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