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Full support for djvu files

Alex Brollo
Djvu files are the wikisource standard supporting proofreading. They have
very interesting features, being fully "open" in structure and layering,
and allowing a fast and effective sharing into the web, when they are
stored in their "indirect" mode. Most interesting, their text layer - which
can be easily extracted - contains both the mapped text from OCR and
metadata. A free library - divuLibre - allows full command line access to
any file content.

Presently, djvu files structure and features are minimally used. Indirect
mode is IMHO not supported at all, there's no mean to access to mapped text
layer nor to metadata, and only the "full text" can be accessed once, when
creating a new page into Page namespace.

It would be great IMHO:
* to support indirect mode as the standard;
* to allow free, easy access to the full text layer content from wikisource
user interface.

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