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Fundraising and PayPal update

Michael Snow
It's previously been mentioned that we will be starting a public
fundraiser at some point in the near future. In anticipation of that, I
can pass on some good news.

For the primary method by which we receive funds (PayPal), we will be
able to accept donations in ten new currencies that they are now
supporting. These include Czech korunas, Danish krone, Hong Kong
dollars, Hungarian florints, New Zealand dollars, Norwegian krone,
Polish zloty, Singapore dollars, Swedish krone, and Swiss francs. This
is in addition to the six currencies that were accepted in the last
fundraiser: euros, pounds, yen, and three kinds of dollars (Australian,
Canadian, and US).

While I don't know in each individual instance how PayPal compares with
MoneyBookers (the other online option available), either in terms of
fees or popularity in those countries, this is obviously welcome news.
The translation team has started work on getting the relevant pages
updated, but I'm sure they would welcome help from people who aren't
already involved. It would be especially nice to get a Danish
translation of the fundraising page, since that's the one currency here
whose language currently seems to be missing entirely. Please feel free
to spread the word in the community.

--Michael Snow
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