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Fundraising data dumps

Erik Moeller-4
Just forwarding on an announcement from our Head of Community Giving
regarding the public availability of raw data from our online
fundraiser. This may be interesting for researchers to explore
donation patterns to Wikipedia. We'd certainly love to see such
analysis. Please feel free to forward this, and if you want to work on
any specific analysis, please add a note to the bottom of this
placeholder page:


- - -

Just announcing the data dumps for our fundraiser data for the 2008
Annual Fundraiser.

As always, we like to provide our anonymitized data to the community...both
to show our openness and transparency, but also to ask for the
communities help in doing analysis and data crunching to aid our future
fundraising efforts.

The dumps are located here:

The main gift data files are 2008_Fundraiser.csv.gz. The fields are
date stamp, USD donation amount, original currency amount, original
currency, country of donation, & payment type

The main data on the site notices and their effectiveness is
The fields here are template (the name of the site notice we used),
tracking source (from where the click came from, campaign (an internal
tag), USD converted amount, original currency, and country of

If any in the community could help analyze the site notice data for
effectiveness, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also, I would like to thank the Wikimedia tech team for helping make
this possible.

If you have any questions, please send them my way.


Rand Montoya
Head of Community Giving
Wikimedia Foundation
Email: [hidden email]
Phone: 415.839.6885 x615
Fax: 415.882.0495
Cell: 510.685.7030

“At some future time, I hope to have something witty,
intelligent, or funny in this space.”

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