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Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia

--- रवि, 6/7/08 को, Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia <[hidden email]> ने लिखा:

> द्वारा: Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia <[hidden email]>
> विषय: Proposals for Wikimedia India/projects
> To: [hidden email]
> दिनांक: रविवार, 6 जुलाई, 2008, 9:27 PM
> Unfortunately following project proposals suggested for
> proposed wikimedia india chapter are still not taken up for
> discussion,I am copy pasting them from meta  Wikimedia
> India/projects page,  Can we begin a discussion what needto
> be real priorities and how many of uscan support the given
> cause actively.  
> ==Proposals==
> * Promoting study and usage of
> [[:en:Wikipedia:WikiProject_India/Fair_use]] knowledge and
> information about Indian copy right regime,arranging
> unconference of supportive legal fraternity.
> * promoting usage of free transiliteration schemes for
> Indian Languages among Indian Internet users by arranging
> unconference with Network Engineers in India and arranging
> call center's telephonic and field support in this
> respect.
> * Indegenisation of IPA transliteration making technically
> advance and Indian languages friendly,with audio recording
> support to all wiktionaries for availability of free audio
> content.  
> * PDF and transformation  of content and promoting among
> other medias like print ,radio,TV etc for republishing at
> resonable cost for the benefit of masses
> *Promoting Generation of common free India centric
> photographic resources
> * promoting usage programming analysis and development of
> free wiki software, also training and promoting advance
> tools like BOTs among Indian wikipedians.
> * Arranging India centric [[:en:cartography]] support
> wherever necessary
> *Supporting and promoting local language wikipedias which
> still have not picked up adequate membership specialy like
> Odissa language wikipedia and Assamese Language Wikipedia
> * Using Wikipedia in Indian schools: School projects
> * Promoting Wikipedia assignments in universities and
> colleges: The Indian languages will benefit greatly if
> college and university students start contributing.
> * Work on articles on local history and other local topics
> that are not covered by mainstream encyclopedias (e.g.
> [[en:Jhumri Tilaiya|Jhumri Tilaiya]])
> * Get images related to Indian articles
> * Get Government of India agencies and departments to
> license their images/content under a free license (like
> NASA does)
> * Work on stable version (CDs) of Indian languages, or
> articles related to India
> * [[Promoting the South Asian languages projects]]
> * General promotion of free culture in India
> ==See Also==
> *[[Project India centric Localisation of IPA]]
> [[Category:Wikimedia India]]
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