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Phoebe Ayers-2
Dear Colleagues:

 I am conducting a project on the perspectives of faculty on Wikipeida
and would like to invite you to answer the following survey.

 I also need your help in distributing the survey.  Please feel free
to post it at your college/university community.

 Thank you very much for your help.

 The survey is available at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=833013431995

 Title: The Perspectives of Faculty on Wikipedia
 Conducted by: Hsin-liang Chen, School of Information, University of
Texas at Austin (phone: 512-232-9219, email: [hidden email])
 Purpose: The project aims to understand the use of Wikipedia by
faculty for performing their job duties.
 Procedure: 17-27 questions
 •Tell us about yourself: collect basic demographic data
 •Use of online information: email, Web, and databases
 •Use of Wikipedia
 Time: Approximately 10-15 minutes
 Confidentiality and privacy protections: You will not reveal your
personal identification. The investigator does not ask any questions
regarding your personal identification. The online survey is

 If you need a copy of documentation, please print this cover letter
for future reference. Thank you for your participation.

 Dr. Hsin-liang (Oliver) Chen
 School of Information                       Assistant Professor
 1 University Station D7000               Phone: 512-232-9219 Fax: 512-471-3971
 The University of Texas at Austin      Email: [hidden email]
 Austin, TX 78712-0390                     URL:

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