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Casey Brown-5
Some people on these lists might be interested.

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From: Bryan Tong Minh <[hidden email]>
Date: Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 6:35 AM
Subject: [Commons-l] Maintainers of collection of flickr tools
To: Wikimedia Commons Discussion List <[hidden email]>

Hi all,

In the past few years I have been creating some Flickr related tools. These are:
* FlickreviewR: A bot that reviews the licenses from images uploaded from Flickr
* FlickreviewR human reviewer: A bot that re-reviews reviews by humans
* Flickr upload bot: A web interface that allows easy access

FlickreviewR has over 110k edits and with Flickr upload bot over 12k
uploads have been performed. Unfortunately I have not always been able
to care of those bots decently.

Therefore I would like to propose to add maintainers to those bots;
preferably as a stable toolserver project on stable.toolserver.org.
Who would be interested in maintaining these bots?

The bots are written in Python and use the mwclient library to edit
and upload, which I also wrote. I will also give commit access to
mwclient on SourceForge to maintainers.

The FlickreviewR bots' code are in relatively good shape, reasonably
ok documented and can be easily understood I believe.

The Flickr upload bot however has horrible code. It was basically my
first large webapp and I had some strange design ideas by then. I have
attempted rewriting it, but have not had the time yet.

Feel free to forward this mail to other people who might be interested
in co-maintaining.



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