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My fellow Wikimericans,

I thought this might be interesting, it's a summit of Ibero-American
Wikimedia chapters and chapters-to-be, and possible inspiration for us

A point to consider in advance of the 1st Annual Great American Wiknic :)


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Dear friends:

From Friday 24 to Sunday 26 Wikimedia Argentina will be hosting the
first Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit in Buenos Aires. This
Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit will gather representatives from
Wikimedia Argentina, Wikimedia Chile, Wikimedia España and Wikimedia
Portugal, as well as working groups from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia,
Mexico, Uruguay and Venezuela that are currently working towards the
establishment of local chapters in their countries.

We wanted the event to focus especially on these groups, so that
already established chapters can help developing the Wikimedia
movement in our region by means of sharing experiences and know-how,
as well as working on somme common, cross-frontier projects.

Unlike most international events in the Wikimedia scene, the
Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit will have only Spanish and Portuguese
as its working languages. We believe it's better to use our native
languages to discuss the common challenges and shared grounds our
region has. We believe regional efforts such as this help making
multilingualism real.

Ibero-America shares not only a land mass; more important, the reasons
behind Ibero-American cooperation have to do with a shared history, a
common culture and two sister languages such as Spanish and
Portuguese, which are mutually intelligible to a very high degree.

The final schedule can be seen at
a rough English translation of the proposed agenda that led to it can
be seen here: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Ibero-American_Wikimedia_Summit_2011/Agenda/en

The conference will span for three days, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26.
The first day we'll be discussing general topics having to do with
forming a working group and running a chapter. On Friday we'll
dedicate one our and a half to a panel/workshop on educational
outreach (Wikipedia en el aula) with Lila Pagola, a professor from the
National University of Villa María who was a pioneer in incorporating
Wikimedia projects in her classes, and Ángeles Soletic, from the
Innovation in Education and Tecnology Centre of the University in
Buenos Aires. During the afternoon, we'll be discussing about the
Foundation's Five-Year Plan and the way in which it relates with our
region, emphasizing about the "Global South" concept. We expect to
produce some documents to discuss with all of the community

Waiting to see some of you here this week, un abrazo,


Patricio Lorente
Blog: http://www.patriciolorente.com.ar
Identi.ca // Twitter: @patriciolorente

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