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Subject: [Kiwix-developer] [OPENZIM] libzim 1.2 is out!
Date: Sat, 31 May 2014 18:35:59 +0200
From: Emmanuel Engelhart <[hidden email]>
To: Using Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki offline
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We have released the version 1.2 of the zimlib

This is a minor release, here comes the changelog:
* Do not try to remap mime types for redirects or other types (#52324)
* Remove duplicate decl. of Dirent:: redirectMimeType & linktarget
* Make it compiles with Microsoft VS2010 environment
* Make it compiles with Apple OSX 10.9 environment

The zimlib is the standard implementation of the ZIM specification. It
is a library which implements the read and write method for ZIM files.
Use the zimlib in your own software - like reader applications - to make
them ZIM-capable without the need having to dig too much into the ZIM
file format.

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