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Fwd: Komarraju Lakshmana Rao Wikimedia Awards (Telugu) - Request for Nominations

Arjuna Rao Chavala-2
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From: Ravi Vyzasatya <[hidden email]>
Date: 2013/12/3
Subject: Komarraju Lakshmana Rao Wikimedia Awards (Telugu) - Request for
To: [hidden email],
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Cc: Arjuna Rao Chavala <[hidden email]>

Dear fellow Wikimedians,

I will start by introducing myself to the community. I am Ravi Vyzasatya
based in Maryland. I have contributed to Telugu Wikipedia since 2005 and to
a lesser extent in Telugu Wiktionary and Wikisource. I did serve as admin
in all these projects. Although my primary interest is in writing well
researched articles in the area of South Indian history, I do help the
community by running bot scripts and taking care of miscellaneous
administrative tasks.

Telugu wikipedia will be 10 years old in another week from now. On this
auspicious occasion Telugu Wikimedia Community is organizing celebrations
under the leadership of an organizing committee headed by Vishwanath B.K,
Pranayraj as Secretary, Kasyap as Treasurer along with Rahimanuddin, WMIN
SIG lead Telugu, Vishnuvardhan, CIS-A2K Program Director as members. We
have also constituted an awards committee with myself as President, Arjuna
Rao Chavala, WMIN Co-founder and its first President as Secretary and A.
Rajasekhar, T. Sujatha, NWR 2011 award winners from Telugu Wikis and A.
Radhakrishna, Former WMIN SIG lead for Bangalore as members. The award is
named after Komarraju Lakshmana Rao[1], pioneer Telugu encyclopedian who
undertook the first modern encyclopedic effort in Telugu, perhaps the first
among Indian languages (c.1912-13). It is also quite fitting tribute to
Lakshmana Rao to honor his memory in the centennial anniversary of such
pioneering effort. The award carries a citation and cash prize of Rs
10,000/. Organizing committee and awards committee members are ineligible
for the awards to avoid any perceived or real conflict of interest.

We are inviting nominations [2] for awards on Telugu Wikimedia projects.
Nominations are due by 9th Dec 2013 24:00 midnight (UTC). Members can self
-nominate or be nominated by others, in consideration for these awards.
Nomination process has been developed by Arjuna building upon the NWR 2011
nomination process[3] pioneered by another WMIN Cofounder and the then EC
Member Arunram . We express our sincere appreciation for the same. We think
that this initiative with nominal cash prize by Telugu community may be the
first of its kind and will complement the existing recognition mechanisms
and help encourage budding Wikimedians in their initial years of
contribution. We invite all Indian Wikimedians to participate in the award
nomination process as you may be familiar with our Telugu Wikimedians
through their efforts in English, Kannada, Tamil language Wikimedia
projects. For the benefit of wider Wikimedia community, we have provided
for relevant remarks on the nomination pages in English and also invite
nominations or support for the existing nominations in English, if you
choose to do so.

We solicit your wishes on this happy occasion and will be sharing the
updates about the celebrations, awards and other related Telugu wiki
activities as things roll out.


Ravi Vyzasatya

References 1.English wiki page on Komarraju Lakshmana Rao, the first
Encylopaedist among Indian languages from India

2. Award details page in Telugu

3. Nominations page in Telugu
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