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This is a heads-up for Wikinewsies; NewsTrust is doing a particular
focus on Global Economy News. They'd welcome in-depth reports during the
time they're focusing on the topic.

It is a really good opportunity to get your work a higher profile (if
you register with them and submit it). And, you will get feedback from
news professionals on how well you put your presentation together.

> Dear Brian,
> Thanks so much for getting back to me about the Wiki News writing
> contest -- and congrats on your new job!
> Based on your recommendation, we will hold off on the proposed judging
> of contest entries, but wanted to let you know about a new project we
> are developing this spring, with support from Omidyar Network and the
> MacArthur Foundation.
> We have an interesting opportunity for collaboration with Wiki News
> coming up next month, when we will be organizing a special Global
> Economy News Hunt. We would love to extend an invitation to some of
> your best writers to create a few good synthesis articles on this
> theme, for review on NewsTrust.
> The week of April 12th, 2010, NewsTrust will join forces with a select
> group of partners to find good and bad journalism about the global
> economy. During that week, we will look for some of the best and worst
> news coverage on how the economic crisis is affecting people around
> the world. Our communities will review news and opinions on that issue
> from a wide range of international and U.S. news sources. (read more
> below)
> Do you think this would interest some of your writers? If so, would
> you be willing to forward this message to the appropriate members of
> the Wiki News community?
> Thanks again for keeping this relation going. There may be more
> opportunities for us to collaborate later in the year.
> All the best,
> Fabrice


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