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Von: "Magnus Manske" <[hidden email]>
Datum: 30.05.2014 15:46
Betreff: Re: [Wikitech-l] GeoData Extension
An: "Wikimedia developers" <[hidden email]>

Why not use Wikidata instead? 15 million items vs. 4.5 million articles
(en.wp) means three times the number of things with coordinates. Simple,
quick query for radius around X available:


(check "AROUND")


On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 8:26 AM, Matthias Hochgatterer <
[hidden email]> wrote:

> I’m currently looking into the GeoData Extension to make location based
> Wikipedia queries.
> There are still some open questions - would be nice if sb could provide
> guidance.
> - The release status of the extension is still experimental. Is it safe to
> use it in production (mobile app)? Are there some hard limit how often I
> can query the API? Just thinking when the app gets popular…
> - Is there a way to increase the search radius? E.g. When showing a
> continent (Europe) on a map, I would like to display articles for all
> countries (sth like `gsmindim` would be useful in this case too). I
> couldn’t find a way to do this other than making multiple queries for
> different coordinates which does not scale very well.
> Thanks
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