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edward hage

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Subject: Re: [Wikitech-l] create new pages by accessing the database
directly FAILS
Date: Sat, 07 Jan 2006 21:50:57 +0100
From: edward hage <[hidden email]>
To: Wikimedia developers <[hidden email]>
References: <[hidden email]>
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What I want to make is a site for scuba-divers. When they log in they
get a special Userpage (kind of homepage for every user). On that page
they have the possiblity to make a new dive-entry. If they click on that
link they go to a special page where they can fill in a table about
depth, time in the water, pressure, bla.bla. When they submit that data
a new page is created with a nice layout (I use a template in mediawiki)
with all dive-data. Also on the Userpage a new link to that new page is
automatically created when the dive-entry is submitted. So after a few
logged dives a complete list is created.
Because it is a wiki they can make additional pages about dive-locations
(like travelwiki) and upload underwater-pictures and create pages about
marine biology etc..

Any pointers are welcome.

After I solve the issue of making the new pages flauwless, I have to add
the privilege of the user to protect his own pages (so their own
divedata is not molested by other users). I saw on mediawiki that
already some patches and extenstions were written for that so that issue
is next on my agenda.

Also I am very interested to hear why new enrty points can not be made.

Greetings, Edward

Rob Church wrote:

>A special page should NEVER define a new entry point, ever. Create it
>as a proper special page, and use the proper, built-in classes, member
>functions, and where needed, the globals.
>Telling us what you're trying to *do* would also be a big step, so we
>can give pointers.
>Rob Church
>On 07/01/06, edward hage <[hidden email]> wrote:
>>Hello John, Hendrik,
>>I also made a SpecialPage, but I did not post back to the page itself. I
>>did to a new page where I defined some basic stuff by:
>>define( 'MEDIAWIKI', true );
>>require_once( '../includes/Defines.php' );
>>require_once( '../LocalSettings.php' );
>>require_once( '../includes/Setup.php' );
>>Basically made a new entry-point. I hope this does not cause a
>>safety-issue ! (I don't know the do's and dont's about this.)

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