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Fwd: Talis Incubator for Open Education funding available

This seems like an amazing chance for WikiProjects in almost any area.

You need to describe how your work supports open education, set a
project with milestones and metrics for success, and submit a grant

We do many of the things they ask for - licensing, educational focus,
making things visible and findable online - reflexively.  It would be
great to see them get a whole specturm of wikimedia proposals.  [if
you /do/ submit one, consider discussing it on strategy.wikimedia.org
as well :) ]


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Subject: [Internal-l] Talis Incubator for Open Education funding available
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Via the Creative Commons blog - http://creativecommons.org/weblog/entry/17005

Talis Incubator for Open Education

For the latest news follow us on twitter: @talisincubator

Talis understands the growing importance of the Open Education
movement and its potential impact on how education is accessed,
assessed and certified.

Aimed at individuals or small groups, the Talis Incubator for Open
Education provides angel funding and other forms of assistance for
ideas and projects that have the potential to further the cause of
Open Education through the use of technology. All we ask in return is
that you donate or ‘open source’ the intellectual property generated
back to the communities that could benefit most from your work.
The brief

  1. Write a proposal outlining your Open Education related project
or idea, making a bid for funding of between £1,000 and £15,000.
  2. After reviewing and making sure your proposal meets the
guidelines, submit it to [hidden email].
  3. A proposal review board made up of independent thought leaders
and Talis representatives decide which projects get funding.
  4. For successful bids, Talis awards you the funds and organises
any other help you have asked for.
  5. Complete the project according to the schedule outlined in your proposal.
  6. Talis helps you to make sure your work is disseminated amongst
the community.

from http://blogs.talis.com/education/incubator/

they also note "We also welcome applications from outside the UK,
however we regret that we can only consider and award amounts in GBP
(£), so if you are from outside the UK please account for exchange
rate fluctuation, and make sure you can receive funds paid in GBP."

Looks a bit interesting!


They've just been waiting in a mountain for the right moment:

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