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Sujet: WikiSkills - final remarks and results
Date: 2014-04-10 10:30:04
Dear Wikimedia-enthusiasts!

WikiSkills is officially over. WikiSkills was essentially about teaching teachers how to use wikis in education. This gave Wikimedia Sverige a good opportunity to reach out and teach how to use projects like Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. The project had similarities with the program Wikipedia in education, however WikiSkills had a somewhat wider scope and was mostly funded by EU.
So WikiSkills is over ...

You will find results and deliverables here:
You may already have enjoyed these posts about experiences and thoughts of some Swedish teachers participating in WikiSkills workshops:
Finally, the results from the project may be exploited by a coming wiki expert network for training and coaching in how to use wikis. If this sounds interesting to partake in, you will find more info about prerequisites here: The project lasted from Janury 2012 to December 2013.
Good continuation of 2014!
Best regards
/Anna Bauer


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