Fwd: US court declares GPL is a contract

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Fwd: US court declares GPL is a contract

Federico Leva (Nemo)
http://www.technollama.co.uk/us-court-declares-gpl-is-a-contract :


In a strong declaration that online open source licences are contracts,
the court declares:

    “Defendant contends that Plaintiff’s reliance on the unsigned GNU
    GPL fails to plausibly demonstrate mutual assent, that is, the
    existence of a contract. Not so. The GNU GPL, which is attached to
    the complaint, provides that the Ghostscript user agrees to its
    terms if the user does not obtain a commercial license. Plaintiff
    alleges that Defendant used Ghostscript, did not obtain a commercial
    license, and represented publicly that its use of Ghostscript was
    licensed under the GNL GPU. These allegations sufficiently plead the
    existence of a contract.”

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