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Pradeep Mohandas

I know that there are a few OpenStreetMappers on this list or you may know of some. Whilst the discussion on the basic monument list is still going on, just wanted to let you guys know and also see if there's a possibility of similar collaboration in India.

warm regards,
User:Prad2609 on Wikipedia
pradx on OpenStreetMap

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From: Cristian Consonni <[hidden email]>
Date: 21 March 2012 22:00
Subject: [Wiki Loves Monuments] Development of OSM-WLM integration tools
To: [hidden email]

Dear all,

as you may have heard Wikimedia Italia is working hard to build
database list since there are many different sources (some regions
have lists, some others don't, attributes are different, etc.) and
there are many problems around the copyright status and openness
(or,better, the closeness) of such data. So we are going to use data
from Open Street Map, we have already a list of 30k+ monuments.

So we are looking forward to boost the integration between WLM and
OSM, being our primary source of data. Wikimedia Italia is hiring a
developer to develop a tool (developed starting from
amenity-editor[1][2]) which enable user to easily insert monuments in
an OSM map adding the required (meta)data. We are in contact with some
Italian members of OSM Foundation to facilitate the process.

Now, the topic is really a hot one, in fact there are many people
working on it, we would like to coordinate our efforts in this
direction, as far as we know:
* User:Kolossos at de.wiki is working on Wikipedia-world[3a], this is
a separate project but I've informed him about what's going on[3b]
* User:Multichill is working on this map[4] (I have also contacted him[4b])
* WM AT and WM CH are supporting (or going to support), Alex Wagner.
I'm looking for more info about what he's doing.

So, we would like to help projects which are already runing and share
what we are going to do (we would like to avoid the duplication of
effort), so any feedback is welcome.


[2]<a href="https://github.com/grundid/amenity-editor%0A[3a" target="_blank">https://github.com/grundid/amenity-editor

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