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KIZU Naoko
Hi guys.
A formal annoucement of call for applications. Please let your
community share this information. Put it on your language mailinglist
or Village pump, Bistro, Bar ...  The deadline comes soon, tomorrow.

Cheers from Taipei

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Hello wikimedians,

 We will have a Wikimania Golden Awards activity from now to August 4,
2007. You will have a chance to win a prize cup and a WikiStick USB
device which contains local Wikipedia database and context search
software for free. For more information, you may refer to the
Wikimania Golden Awards page on the Wikimania website this year:


 The winners will be announced in the Award Session of Wikimania in
August 5, 2007.

 Want to win the prize? Submit your best graphics and join the contest!


H.T. (Ted)

Wikimania Organization Team
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KIZU Naoko
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