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Charles Andrès-2
Wikimedia CH supports the creation of a Tools dedicated to help GLAMs to do batch upload directly on Commons. In Switzerland this tools is under test with the files of the Neuchâtel Herbarium project (more than 100 000 pictures remain to be uploaded) and with the collaboration of the Swiss National Library.

 A workshop will be organized later this year to introduce Swiss GLAMs to the Tools.


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> Liam has just published this Europeana blog post about the first big
> projects using the new GLAMwiki Toolset uploader (GWT). The main image
> is one of the unusual "photochrom" prints from the 1890s that I
> uploaded as a Wikimedia UK sponsored project - these hand coloured
> prints feature locations from around the world and were incredibly
> popular to send as gifts in that period, a time when colour
> photography was still experimental; this high quality
> chromolithographic process was to virtually vanish within a few years.
> We are hoping that there will be a lot of interest in new GWT projects
> at Wikimania (and the hackerthon beforehand) both from GLAM
> professionals and keen volunteers. It's certainly worth browsing some
> of the projects delivered so far that the tool has made possible,
> especially if you think you might reuse some of the images. Those of
> us who helped create the tool are looking forward to this transforming
> Wikimedia Commons into a standard home on the internet for the public
> to find high quality GLAM materials.
> Fae
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