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Charles Andrès-2
Do not hesitate to contact your community liaison to get help to submit an idea to the IEG.


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Expéditeur: Siko Bouterse <[hidden email]>
Date: 2 septembre 2014 19:26:43 UTC+2
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Objet: [Wikimedia-l] Open call for Individual Engagement Grant proposals
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Greetings! The Wikimedia Foundation Individual Engagement Grants program is
accepting proposals for funding new experiments from September 1st to 30th.

Your idea can improve Wikimedia projects by building a new tool or gadget,
organizing a better process on your wiki, conducting research on an
important issue, or providing other support for community-building. Whether
you need $200 or $30,000 USD, Individual Engagement Grants can cover your
own project development time in addition to funding for a team to help you.
The program has a flexible schedule and reporting structure, and
Grantmaking staff are there to support you through all stages of the

Do you have have a good idea, but you are worried that it isn’t developed
enough for a grant?  Put it into the IdeaLab, where volunteers and staff
can give you advice and guidance on how to bring it to life. <
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IdeaLab>  Also, IEG will be hosting
three Hangout Sessions for real-time discussions to help you make your
proposal better - the first will happen on September 16th. <

For inspiration, you can read more about past projects <
https://blog.wikimedia.org/tag/individual-engagement-grants/> that received
funding or review open proposals <
https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Grants:IEG#ieg-reviewing>. We are excited
to see some of the new ways your grant ideas can support our community and
make an impact on the future of Wikimedia projects.

Submit your proposal in September! <

Warm regards,

Siko Bouterse
Head of Individual Grants
Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.

[hidden email]

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