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Pine W
Hi Aron,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. However, I think that the more
appropriate mailing list for this is WikiEN-l. I'm forwarding this thread

Regarding your second point, I think that many admins are not selfish
people and are often willing to criticize other admins, so I am not
concerned that admins are participating in this discussion. I would be
concerned if I felt that admins as a group are power hungry and are more
interested in defending each other than in working for the best interests
of the encyclopedia, but that is not my impression. I think that many
admins are highly skilled, generous with their time, and willing to
volunteer for thankless and sometimes personally risky activities. Those
admins that cause problems are, sooner or later, usually in trouble with
the Arbitration Committee. That is not to say that I'm opposed to a new
desysop procedure, but I believe that most English Wikipedia admins are
competent and act in good faith.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )

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So far about 60% of the commenters are administrators, which role comes
with an inherent and unavoidable conflict-of-interest. Although the
discussion is quite neutral, administrators are a minor part of the
community, thus hopefully editors will join the discussion as well, and
share their views and suggestions on the topic.

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