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> 差出人: Casey Brown <[hidden email]>
> 日時: 2011年7月2日 4:55:22
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> 件名: [Wikiquote-l] Call for image filter referendum
> 返信先: Mailing list for the Wikiquote projects <[hidden email]>
> /Please distribute this message widely/
> *Call for referendum*:  The Wikimedia Foundation, at the direction of
> the Board of Trustees, will be holding a vote to determine whether
> members of the community support the creation and usage of an opt-in
> personal image filter, which would allow readers to voluntarily screen
> particular types of images strictly for their own account.
> Further details and educational materials will be available shortly.
> The referendum is scheduled for 12-27 August, 2011, and will be
> conducted on servers hosted by a neutral third party.  Referendum
> details, officials, voting requirements, and supporting materials will
> be posted at http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image_filter_referendum
> shortly.
> For the coordinating committee,
> Philippe (WMF)
> Cbrown1023
> Risker
> Mardetanha
> PeterSymonds
> Robert Harris
> --
> Casey Brown
> Cbrown1023
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