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Mike B-10

Jag fick detta via wiktionary-listan - tänkte se till att det syns även på sv:... Tycker kort sagt att det låter som en bra idé.


(ps. jag vet inte om ascii-art-loggan kommer synas lika dåligt som den gör för mig just nu; om den gör det så får ni gå till http://mail.wikipedia.org/mailman/listinfo/announce-l för att se den ordentligt :)

Walter Vermeir <[hidden email]> wrote: Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 15:00:40 -0000 (UTC)
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Subject: [Wiktionary-l] Announcement of Wikizine

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Year: 2005  Week:46   Special edition


An internal news bulletin for the
members of the Wikimedia community.


== Announcement of Wikizine  ==

I am pleased to announce the creation of Wikizine. A new internal news
bulletin for the members of the Wikimedia community.

Wikizine is an weekly publication that will list the news of the Wikimedia
projects of the previous week. It will not be like Quatro that has full
articles. That is not the concept. The ideal Wikizine is short. Every news
listing contains of an one line summary and an url to some place where you
can find more information.

To subscribe go to;

== Why ==

I, [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]], have found for many years that Wikipedia,
now Wikimedia, has a very serious internall communication problem. There
is to much information and it is highly fragmented between many wiki
pages, mailing lists and other places. Even if you try to read everything
you do not know all wikimedia news.

I have done proposals in the past to attempt to counter this problem but
nothing came from that. Also other attempts like "going-ons" and "Quatro"
do not seem to be a great success.

So I have decided to try to do it myself. Wikizine is an attempt in that
direction. Of it will be an success will be depend for an large part of
the readers and the feedback. I will try to discover all the news that
there is about Wikimedia and report the most relevant news of in Wikizine.
But I will fail to discover all the news. Wikizine needs to receive
reports of things that are going on somewhere in a strange, far away wiki.
Especially from the projects and languages from who you never hear.

== Who should read Wikizine? ==

Everybody who likes to do so may read it off course. But the target
audience is definitely; stewards, ambassadors, bureaucrats and sysops,
members of the board of one of the wikimedia foundations.

It is for the people who are doing the Wiki-management. The focus will be
on the technical aspect. News about changes in the way the wikisotware
works, new functions. Things that are broken.  Other Wikimedia news will
also be included but the focus is technical news that has an impact for
the users and readers of the wiki.

The idea and hope is that some of those readers will report back
interesting news from there project and translate/communicate the news in
Wikizine to there own community.

Wikizine is distributed by the mailinglist Announce-l. This list is only
for the postings of Wikizine, not for discussion. So it is very low
traffic. Normally once a week.


Please inform your local community about Wikizine and report news to

[hidden email]

Editor: [[w:nl:gebruiker:Walter]]

Disclaimer: this message is not an
official publication of the Wikimedia Foundation.
Wikizine makes no guarantee of validity.

Wiktionary-l mailing list
[hidden email]

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