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Giovanni Luca Ciampaglia-4
This is coming from a group of scholars and developers interested in the
phenomenon of fake news and of misinformation in general. I am sure several
people on this list will be interested in this!



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Subject: [fakenewssci] Credibility Schema working group
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A project some folks in this group should find interesting.


Hacks/Hackers, Meedan and others are working together on a new
initiative to create a schema around news credibility. We’re gathering
folks in San Francisco and NYC over the next six weeks.

• May 11 in San Francisco (downtown location TBD)
• June 7 in New York (at Columbia Universty's Brown Institute of Media

Both of these events will be a one-day workshop to develop training
data for content online, and we'd have an agenda for 15-20 people in
each location.

Here's the lowdown on the working group:

The credibility schema working group is an initiative to convene a
critical mass of researchers, data scientists, journalists, librarians
and others to address the challenge of developing training data for
better machine learning algorithms and services that address
misinformation ecosystems. We aim to build off the great work done by
the Trust Project. and First Draft, and combine both a journalistic
and machine learning approach to this project.

As concerns grow about the importance of establishing credible
content, two challenges emerge: (1) how to communicate this
credibility as content travels around the web, often separated from
its original source, and (2) how to handle massive amounts of content
at scale. Addressing both of these challenges requires new approaches
and techniques: for the former, a new set of interoperable data
schema, and for the latter, training data based on those schema that
can be applied to machine learning algorithms.

The need for technical schema emerged out of an impromptu working
group at MisinfoCon, a conference on misinformation and journalism at
MIT Media Lab hosted by Hacks/Hackers, First Draft News and the Nieman
Foundation for Journalism, after it was clear that many groups were
working to make this happen. We will be having two gatherings — one in
San Francisco and one in New York — to engage a core working group who
have expressed an interest in this topic.

You can read more about that workshop here:

If you are interested in attending, please email me at
[hidden email] and An Xiao Mina at [hidden email] and let us
know which event you/your team can attend.

Assuming capacity is okay, we’ll make sure to put you on the list of
attendees.  If you have questions, we're happy to discuss via phone or
Hangout in the coming days. And, if you know of other folks we should
invite, please let us know

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