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GUS and journal questions

> Regarding the General User Survey, I'm not sure of what the status of
> technical considerations is. [...]
> I think the _major_ other non-technical
> detail which needs to be worked out is the issue of sampling - how are
> we to ensure that this survey really does represent the "state of the
> wiki" (as was the motivation to do so)? How are we to ensure that we
> target newbies as well as seasoned wiki-editors?

No tech progress. Kevin told us a while ago his programmer needed to finish
other assignments first, which apparantly takes more time than foreseen,
which on itself is business as usual in IT projects.

The questionaire asks how long respondent has been around and how active he
or she is. Probably more long term participants will be interested in taking
the time to answer the questions, but if enough people participate separate
results can be published for subgroups.

Erik Zachte

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