Guidance for third party support and release notes

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Guidance for third party support and release notes

Jon Robson-2
I made a breaking change last year when I moved Minerva out of
MobileFrontend. I anticipated disruption so made sure it broke in an
obvious way (otherwise many mobile sites would start using the Vector skin
for their mobile web experience and this might be harder for sysadmins to
detect) and had instructions on how to fix it. We use semvar so I bumped
the version to show it was a breaking change and I updated with
lots of docs.

What I didn't realise is lots of 3rd parties do not check their server logs
when updating and do not necessarily know what semvar means.

I'm getting feedback [1] from impacted third parties that they check the
release notes and the update script, but as far as I'm aware extensions and
skins cannot update these in any way. Is my understanding correct? If not,
is there a way we could make them do so? Either via hook or convention
(e.g. identical file name in repo)?

Do we have any guidelines for breaking changes in extensions and skins on ?

Jon Robson
Senior Software Engineer
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