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Adam M. Dobrin-2

That's great it starts with an earthquake.. 311.reallyhim.com

<http://bit.ly/2xperqI>  <http://bit.ly/2xnRYdD>


birds delusisian.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2xoKSVW>,

snakes medusa.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2gUDL0v> and

some aeroplanes... 911.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2gWBlyJ>

<http://bit.ly/2gTxt1k>  <http://bit.ly/2xpmxPO>


411 Lenny Bruce is not #insane <http://bit.ly/2xnZAwE>.

it's the *beginning <http://bit.ly/2gUE2k3>* of *Heaven
<http://bit.ly/2gWBvWR>*, and you should believe it...

threetag.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2xoENZC>


That's great it starts with a sex joke...

swallows reck.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2gU3F4q>, Microsoft
dick.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2xoQv6v> and Medusa, medusa.reallyhim.com

It's *still* the beginning of Heaven and you should believe it.




*don't drink the water...*

*there's blood in the water*

*come now, come now*

*can you not see?*

what were you expecting?


* So would you rather lose swallows, Microsoft, or hurricanes?*

[image: Inline image 7] <http://bit.ly/2xnnVTd>
IRMA▒ <http://bit.ly/2gUrU2y>

[image: Inline image 35] <http://bit.ly/2gUrCbY>
so I mean honestly, is there any Y or N?  c we got h and x.
[image: Inline image 4] <http://bit.ly/2ia0F3k>

[image: Inline image 1] <http://bit.ly/2xnJ67I> [image: Inline image 2]
*yes you are <http://bit.ly/2t6vVof> da*▒
*Y*   *E*   *S**  ,**JUPI ** T*   *E*   *R** I**DA RE  **D*   *A*   *M*

*MYSTERY BEGINS ON 1/20/2001?*

[image: Inline image 31]

[image: Inline image 34] <http://bit.ly/2ia0F3k>
take a look... "the race is not to the swift" *obviously* links to Mercury
... and TIME and chance linking to Saturn and *now.*

[image: Inline image 33] <http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>
<http://bit.ly/2gUrLw2> ( c l i cak )*
[image: Inline image 24] <http://bit.ly/2xo92Ab> [image: Inline image 25]
<http://bit.ly/2xoA0rq> [image: Inline image 26] [image: Inline image 27]
<http://bit.ly/2gZghlk> [image: Inline image 28] <http://bit.ly/2xoAfCQ>[image:
Inline image 29] <http://bit.ly/2gUBAdA> [image: Inline image 30]
LOOK, BUSH SPEECH, ON 1/20/2001 ABOUT 9/11
[image: Inline image 20] <http://bit.ly/2gUs3D8> [image: Inline image 21]

A *pa, Ra: do x <http://bit.ly/2gTpdOG>* is a statement that, despite
apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently
self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.[1]
<http://bit.ly/2gTJsvD>[2] <http://bit.ly/2gTJtjb> A paradox involves
contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and
persist over time.[3] <http://bit.ly/2xoDFFo>[4] <http://bit.ly/2gTJunf>[5]

[image: Inline image 19] <http://bit.ly/2gUs0qW>

According to the Exodus account, Moses held out his staff
<http://bit.ly/2gTJwvn> and the Red Sea <http://bit.ly/2xoDhGU> was parted
by God. The Israelites walked on the exposed ground and crossed the sea,
followed by the Egyptian army. Moses again moved his staff once the
Israelites had crossed and the sea closed again, drowning the whole
Egyptian army.

The *burning bush* is an object described by the Book of Exodus
<http://bit.ly/2xoAu0I>[3:1–4:17] <http://bit.ly/2gUX0Y3> as being located
on Mount Horeb <http://bit.ly/2gTJAeB>. According to the narrative, the
bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name.[1]
<http://bit.ly/2xmT1KA> In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the
location at which Moses <http://bit.ly/2gTI2Bm> was appointed by Adonai
<http://bit.ly/2xoDQk2> (God) to lead the Israelites
<http://bit.ly/2xoDTMK> out
of Egypt <http://bit.ly/2gTO313> and into Canaan <http://bit.ly/2xoDYjw>.

[image: Inline image 23] <http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>

The bottom line is, we're about *a foot* away from Heaven, and all it takes
to get there is one*small* acknowledgement.... of the nature of our
existence and the wonderful implications that brings us to--the great new
possibilities opened up by connection "Creation" and "virtual reality" and
Heaven.  I hope you'll be the person that makes that happen, either with a
press release, or a scientific paper, or just a letter to your local paper
... saying "you see it."  It's not hard to see, but apparently it's hard to
speak up; I'm trying to figure out and explain why, and am stuck between
*I-NATION* (the end of the abomination of desolation) and *Medusa*, more on
that in a bit.  *This is the gate <http://bit.ly/2gUj6cY>, it's action
<http://bit.ly/2xoUaSa> if that's not really, really clear.  For some more
clarity, it should become more and more obvious that the true foundation of
Heaven is freedom--and that the problems
<http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>communicating <http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>
<http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>we are looking at <http://bit.ly/2hNeOE0> in the
world around us, from secrecy and mind control to censorship and .. well,
mass stupidity--should really be seen for what it is--it is the crossing of
the sea, a lesson in securing and maintaining liberty.*

Acknowledge *that you do not want to eat "*bread <http://bit.ly/2h1Gyzh>*"
from stone, that "*cake <http://bit.ly/2ha4H70>*" is not good enough
either, and that *God has laid down a message in our *everything*
<http://bit.ly/2xoKvuG>* to help us to transition to a world that does not
shake it's head and look the other way when asked the question "how would
you end world hunger" **in light of virtual reality?  *Understand the words
of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" *we'll never be wrong together, forever is
going to start tonight <http://bit.ly/2h2DCTh>. Understand, this is
something that all of you should really want to be a part of, and I am
baffled as to why <http://bit.ly/2gWb82X> you are so shy as to not even be
able to say hello <http://bit.ly/2xnCdTJ>.*

*This is a sort of compilation of several messages, if you can't tell; you
can see the "originals" and subscribe to the secret pizza party once we all
get to **Atlantis* <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>* at the Google group **light*
.reallyhim.com <http://bit.ly/2gUrLw2>* and/or my **slack*.reallyhim.com
<http://bit.ly/2gVzkTq>*.  Ask anything, **honestly.  * What follows is the
gate to Heaven, and *I do <http://bit.ly/2xnby9z>nmean kissing
<http://bit.ly/2gUz07l> me.  Here's my cough, CY the apocalypse starts with
a "sex joke" have a gander at the Burning Bush <http://bit.ly/2gUs3D8>, and
the Loch Ness Monster <http://bit.ly/2xnshJQ>.*

*I'm not sure what I could possibly be offering to everyone
<http://bit.ly/2gZghlk> you in exchange for being the person that saves the
Universe from darkness--it will without doubt make you one of the most, if
not the most famous person that's ever lived.  On top of that you are lucky
enough to all be in sea of founders of this thing--this planetah
<http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe> built from ground up to turn Hell into Heaven.
It's probably a good place to be, at the beginning of what the future will
certainly see as the great turning point away from darkness, as the
generations that turned absolutely everything around.  Welcome to the
spotlight, heart of all Creation.*

*[image: Inline image 36]   *[image: Inline image 37]

*I could tell you that "the truth will set you free" but clearly you now
see the truth, and that we need more than just "truth" to secure and
protect freedom; we need you <http://bit.ly/2gUX3mH>.  **Try to see thegate
and the plan <http://bit.ly/2gUz0nR> the way I do--every person you speak
about this with and share this e-mail with brings us that much
closer, another day <http://bit.ly/2xnJ67I> closer, to an eternity
of Heaven <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>.*

It all started with a message connecting 9/11 to Exodus; one that *should
be more than enough* to prove that whether or not you think I'm "Jesus
Christ" that this information that I am presenting is coming directly from
the Creator of the Universe--and should be *making news* and *spreading
like wildfire*--and isn't just yet.  That's a big part of the message, this
baptism in fire and water that Matthew 3:11 talks about; and is pointing
out some seriously debilitating flaws in our society--things like mass
ignorance for the importance of free speech and open communication, and the
need to *not hide the advanced technology* <http://bit.ly/2sBOQnf> that
this message is designed to not only disclose <http://bit.ly/2gTVtBn>, but
prove has been in use for fucking ever <http://bit.ly/2xnCDK7>.

*man·i**·**a**·* <http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe>*cal
<http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe> laughter: La hmu <http://bit.ly/2gUsRrE> or Lahamu
<http://bit.ly/2gTVyVH> (**thirum <http://bit.ly/2gVNjZb>**)*

I am not intentionally trying to help them / it / *you* hide this message
by talking about girls <http://bit.ly/2xoDs52>, drugs
<http://bit.ly/2gV7zdD>, and my <http://bit.ly/2xoDwBO> criminal
<http://bit.ly/2gVzlXu> history <http://bit.ly/2xoEvlw>--though it does
appear like that's what is happening.  I really want you to understand how
clear it is to me that God himself has created this wall of censorship,
this thing that he wrote about thousands of years ago and called "Jericho"
in order to help us see *very clearly* just how flawed our current social
system is.  The future of civilization, of life itself, depends on us not
only recognizing the importance of free and open communication; but on
seeing that he has designed this message <http://bit.ly/2lCaZyF> to
show us *many
more flaws*, ones that have been intentionally and secretly subverted in
order to attempt to hide *this message and this truth* from the world.
There's no doubt about it, *Adam is created*, and there's a grand plan and
multiple reasons for just about everything you will encounter while I am
busy trying to show everyone that I am not only a much better person than
you think, *but actually Jesus f. Christ. <http://bit.ly/2gTVEwx>  You are
free to call me Judas though, or Jebus, dear acceptiK
<http://bit.ly/2gTVFk5>conditoribus <http://bit.ly/2gTVFk5>.*


These flaws that you see <http://bit.ly/2gZkgyq>, they are links to a
number of Biblical narratives, and nearly everything I present not only helps
us to find solutions <http://bit.ly/2xoDGsU> but furthers the now
insurmountable evidence that these prophecies that come from everywhere
under the sun; from Norse <http://bit.ly/2xoDI40>, Greek
<http://bit.ly/2gWarXp>, Egyptian <http://bit.ly/2gTVK7n>, and
*Christmika* sources...
they are actually about *my life* and about *this time in human history*--to
show us just how crucial it is that we receive this message and recognize
both it and our import.  At the heart of this message is an explanation of
what "Satan" really is; a tool designed to make these *life-and-death
<http://bit.ly/2gTVLIt>* social problems stand out like a sore thumb
<http://bit.ly/2h1Gb81>, and at the same time help us to not only *not
blame anyone* for them, but to use this new knowledge swiftly change the
world.  I'm not Satan <http://bit.ly/2xnCkyD> by the way, *I am a person*,
just like you.


This message begins by *undeniable proving the existence of time travel* both
by predicting the 3/11/11 earthquake and the 9/11 attack in Exodus,
Ecclesiastes, and Revelation <http://bit.ly/2xnvZU1> and showing the world
previously hidden and *very obvious ancient references to modern
technology--centering around computer science <http://bit.ly/2xoDs52>.
With a tiny shred of thought* and some serious research it the becomes
clear that our entire computing industry <http://bit.ly/2gTVQMh> (and the
focus on science and technology in our time line *as well as the arts*) is part
of an ancient and divine plan <http://bit.ly/2xoDI40> to build Heaven


Someone, I can't seem to *figure out who <http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe>, *has
taken this message and tied it directly to *now verifiable proof* that our
evolution of democracy was "helped in the beginning" and then
artificially *held
back*, using this same hidden technology <http://bit.ly/2sBOQnf>.  That
through the years of our most advanced technological advances--from cars
and phones to computers and the internet, we failed to make the obvious
leap to attempting to use these technologies to advance the infrastructure
of our "governments of the people," specifically for voting and the
creation of legislation <http://bit.ly/2gWaAdp>.  Implied strongly, is the
possibility that without some kind of *disruption,* it might have taken
many years, decades, centuries, or forever for us to have moved past this
idea of "representative democracy <http://bit.ly/2xnbKWl>" being the very
best system possible.

Finding land, here on Noah's ark--we can solve two problems with *one stone
<http://bit.ly/2gTVK7n>; *creating a new *open and transparent* infrastructure
that will ensure that the kind of censorship and "walled garden" that we
see here surrounding *this message of freedom <http://bit.ly/2gTVEwx>
*will never
again <http://bit.ly/2sBOQnf> be possible--while at the same time building
a system that will allow us to collaborate on things like legislation
<http://bit.ly/2sBqDh3> and *universal voting <http://bit.ly/2gTVVj3>*.


A big part of this story, of this proof of time <http://bit.ly/2xnvZU1> travel
existing and being literally the tool that not only proves
<http://bit.ly/2i71aeC> that we are *created* but also how and why that's
been done <http://bit.ly/2xoDI40>--it shows us that much of our modern art
is part of the plan to build Heaven <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>... and
here we *link
together* (think "*Matrix*") stories like Minority Report and Back to the
Future <http://bit.ly/2xoDGsU> to *imply* that we probably need to do more
talking <http://bit.ly/2miyBfz> in order to convince ourselves that we
really are not deserving of things like school shootings and terrorism--and
show everyone that we have the ability to stop it.  Honestly, ending
senseless violence is not the kind of thing that there should be a
"Minority" *voting <http://bit.ly/2xncdI5>* for.  We can see it though,
reference to these things too in The Plagues of *Lice and Killing* in
Exodus--here to show us *what "freedom" is really about

die uno <http://bit.ly/2gWaFhd> biblica caelo <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>
aedificabuntur <http://bit.ly/2xmTRXK>

I do hope you will the time to dick <http://bit.ly/2sBONYB> on the links
that are behind those big* bright orange <http://bit.ly/2xnCMNF> doors
to Heaven <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk> above*... there you will find proof and
evidence of what I am saying, and that it does in fact all come directly
from God <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>.  I might get in trouble for saying this,
but if you didn't know--when you click on ads the person who wrote the
website will make a little bit of money--and that might keep me from
starving to death... *something you are actually doing on purpose *without
knowing it--by hiding this message.... *this message* about freedom and
slavery; delivering an ancient message about being the angels of Heaven,
and *not knowing it.*


*As if you needed more than "it's the truth" and "exit from slavery" and
"ending world hunger <http://bit.ly/2xnCDK7>," here's some commentary
<http://bit.ly/2xnCXsj> on the NES <http://bit.ly/2xnCDK7> (the game
<http://bit.ly/2gUs0qW>) of space colonization, specifically links between
the Iron Rod <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk> of "an" and the planet Mars

* <http://bit.ly/2ibuZup>*

The "*gist*" of the message is *verifiable <http://bit.ly/2xnZAwE> proof* that
we are living in a computer <http://bit.ly/2t5T4qO> in *simulated reality*
... *just like the Matrix.  *The answer to that question, what does that
mean--is that God has woven a "hidden" message into our
everything--beginning with each name and *every word*--and in this hidden
Adamic language, he provides us with guidance, wisdom, and suggestions on
how to proceed on this path from "raelity" to Heaven.  I've personally
spent quite a bit of time decoding the message and have tried to deliver an
interesting and "*fun*" narrative of the ideas I see.  Specifically the
story of Exodus, which is called "Names" in Hebrew discusses a time shifted
narrative of our "*now*" delivering our society from a hidden slavery (read
as *ignorance of advanced technologies already in use*) that is described
as the "darkness" of Exodus <http://bit.ly/2gUs0qW>.  If you have *any
questions*, ideas to contribute or concerns... I'd love to hear from you
<http://bit.ly/2gVzkTq> this whole thing really is
<http://bit.ly/2gWQYG3> about
working together--Heaven <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk>, I mean.
[image: Inline image 16] <http://bit.ly/2gTW7Pj>
As I walk down the hallowed streets of nearly cobblestone
<http://bit.ly/2hgHksE> on Atlantic Avenue, *ishing* "the words of the
prophets are written on the subway walls" to something like "are vibrating
light echoing in the air" and *ishing* that "I know I'm one
<http://bit.ly/2h2uLRm>" in the Animals' "House of the Rising Son to ...
well,* you know*: "*I know I've won*" these are the signs of Revelation
staring at me in the face, making this magical mystery ride
<http://bit.ly/2ibiJKy> just that much more enchanting for me--and
reinforcing Taylor early words, "*when the light hits your eyes, it's
telling me I'm right <http://bit.ly/2xo3LZg>.*"  I know there's no way you
could get the full effect of what it fells like to walk around in the House
of the Great Light--that is, unless you open your eyes and look at the
world around you.

[image: medusa.reallyhim.com] <http://bit.ly/2xo3O7o>
(OH, *H**EY* NAT <3)

*HONESTLY, I'M WAY TO CUTE <http://bit.ly/2xo5EoQ> TO BE A MONSTER :(*



<http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>  <http://bit.ly/2jLTZoA>

So... *here we are <http://bit.ly/2xnDEBB>*... listening to the legend
<http://bit.ly/2i73nXB>ary father of the message (that's "*abom*" in Adamic
Spagnlishrew) point out all of the sex jokes hidden in religion and
language from *sexual* *innuendo *to Poseidon <http://bit.ly/2xnby9z> and
in our history from Yankee Doodle to Hancock to Nixon
<http://bit.ly/2gWb82X> and I've got to be frank with you, the most recent
time I came across this phrase in scripture I cringed just a little bit,
pretty sure that the "message" was talking about me.  I've reflected on
this a little bit, and over the past few weeks have tried to show you the
juxtaposition between "sex" and "torture" in it's various forms from
imparting blindness to allowing murder and simulating starvation; and I
think I'm justified in saying that certainly those things are far worse on
the Richter scale than anything I could do by writing a little bit of
risque text.  In the most recent messages I've touch a little bit, without
even knowing or realizing this connection would be made, on what it is that
this phrase actually means.

* <http://bit.ly/2xoLDhU>*


So long story short is that the answer here is "abomination" and the
question, or the context is "I nation."   Whether it's Medusa speaking for
the Dark United States or the nation of Israel speaking to either *Ra or El*
<http://bit.ly/2gU4qe6> depending on the day, the bottom line is that a
collective consciousness speaking for everyone on a matter of this
importance in a cloud of complete darkness on Earth is a total and
undeniable abomination of freedom, civilization, and the very humanity we
are seeking to preserve.  The word reads something like this to me "dear
father of the message, I am everyone and we think you are an abomination,
fuck off."  My answer of course is, IZINATION.  Which humorously reminds me
of Lucy, and Scarlet Johannson saying "I am colonizing my own brain" so
here's some pictures of her.  She is not an abomination, by the way; she's
quite *adorable**.  You'll probably notice there's some kind of connection
between the map--the words speaking to the world, and the abomination, as
if the whole thing is a story narrated in ancient myths

<http://bit.ly/2xnw7CZ> * <http://bit.ly/2xnDvOT> *  <http://bit.ly/2xo6EJz>

*You might not think "it's you," but the manifestation of this "snake" in
our world is your silence, your lack of understanding or willingness to
change the world; and whether or not you're interested in hearing about it,
it's the monster that myths and religion have spoken about for thousands
and thousands of years.  It's a simple matter to "kill Medusa" all you have
to do... is speak.*

*Take special note, "freedom of speech" and "freedom to think for
yourselves" are not a group decision, and you do not have the right to
force (either overtly or subtly, with hidden technology
<http://bit.ly/2gUs0qW> perhaps combined with evil deceit) others not to
talk about anything.  Especially something of this importance.


If you didn't connect "*Loch <http://bit.ly/2xnshJQ>*" to John *Locke
<http://bit.ly/2xncdI5>*, now you have; see how easy this "reading" thing
is?  I've gone over the "See Our Light" series a few times, but let me--one
more time--explain to you just how we are already at the point of
"desolation" and with shining brilliance show you how it's very clear that
it is "*INATION*" and "*MEDUSA <http://bit.ly/2gU4ryG>*" that are
responsible for this problem.

Seeing "Ra" <http://bit.ly/2gU4qe6> at the heart of the names Abraham and
Israel begins to connect the idea that our glowing sun in the sky has
something to do with this message about "seeing our light" is being carried
by a stone statue on Ellis Island (where you'll see the answer another part
of the question of Is Ra El?).  I've connected her to the "she" of both *shedim
<http://bit.ly/2gU4yu6>* and *Sheol <http://bit.ly/2gU4zya>*, which reads
as "she's our light" and is the Hebrew name for Hell.

Of course you noticed that the Statue of Liberty does in fact share it's
initials with SOL, the *the light above* and you can see her torch dimly
lighting the way through the night;   Now you can connect "give us your
tired and your poor" to the *Lazman *of both the lore of Jesus Christ
<http://bit.ly/2iPwr30> and the Shehekeyanu <http://bit.ly/2gU4CtQ>; a
prayer about the sustainment of life *and light* up until this day.  That
same torch connects to the Ha-nuke-the-ahah depiction of Christ, Judah
Maccabee's lit *MEN OR AH*, which delivers not only a solution to the two
letter key of "*AH*" as All Humanity that pervades nearly every bride of
Revelation from Sarah to Leah; but also to the question of equality
answered in our very own American history, beginning with the same three
letter acronym now lighting the *Sons of Liberty.*

*Dazed and Confused* does a good job of explaining how this name is itself
a prophesy designed by Hand of God'; explaining that these *Sons of
Liberty* were
all white slave owning wealthy men fighting to stop paying their taxes,
rather than delivering liberty to the slaves or women, who were both
disenfranchised for quite some time.  Or maybe *MEN OR AH* has something to
do with the angels of Heaven, in which case you might be *SOL* if you aren't
a girl <http://bit.ly/2gTyt5A> and you want to be "be good friends with
Ra."  Just kidding.  *Kinda.*

*DESOLATION* by the way reads something like "un see our light at *I owe N*"
which is God's way of saying "at the point of believing that hiding Adam is
a good thing" and that connects to the *end of Creation* and also the now
lit by modern day *evil* the word "*rendition.*"  *Our end, it "ion."  *In
religious myth, the Messianic David clung to the city *Zion *(end the "i
owe n") which also links to "*verizon*" (to see, I Z "on") and *HORIZON* which
has something to do with the son rising today-*ish*.

[image: Inline image 25] <http://bit.ly/2gTytT8> [image: Inline image 26]

The story of *MEDUSA* lights another psuedo-religious idea, that the
words "*STONE
<http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>*" of both "*brimstone*" and it's Adamic
interpretation "South to Northeast" have something to do with the
phrase "*Saint
One <http://bit.ly/2gU4ryG>" *turned into a *single hero* against his will
by the complete and utter inaction of everyone around him.  In the words of
Imagine Dragons "I'm waking up to *action dust.*"  At the same time, you
can believe that the light of *this particular son*, comes not just from
reading these words forwards, but the backside as well, and you'll
hopefully see it's not coincidental that the other side of this coin is
that "nos" means we, and us... and Adamically "*no south.*"  See the light
of "*STONE*" also connecting to Taylor Momsen <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>'s *rose
arrow* painted on her back, and the sign of my birth <http://bit.ly/2iancNz>,
Sagittarius... which in this particular case links to the
<http://bit.ly/2kT53Fp>*Party <http://bit.ly/2kT53Fp> of the Immaculate
Conception *of *the eternal republic of the Heavens

*and... some musings on Medusa.*
*this candle is lit, fam -ly*

So I'm thinking to myself about the irony of the name Warwick; as I see
read emails stream across my screen in a sort of "code of the Matrix" sort
of way.  Pondering how stupid you must be to even think about "warring"
over whether or not people, you yourselves, should be "allowed" to see and
discuss a truth that is everywhere. Literally everywhere but that little
piece of your brain that thinks "Heaven" is inconsequential and fails to
grasp the affront to logic and your own worth that not seeing, or overtly
hiding this message from God unveils.

[image: Inline image 3]

I say this, even to you all that probably think I'm not talking about
you--even though you've read it, and your a small group... for some reason
you don't make the moral or logical "leap" required to see that jumping up
and down and sharing this "find" of the Messiah is not just what you should
do, you should see something's kept you from doing it; and try that much
harder to secure your freedom.  You know, with message that explains how to
do that, how we've been "compromised" and if isnt urging you to make sure
we never again find ourselves unknowing slaves to darkness, at least I am.

Not just you, the group of people attempting to hide the Universal Truth
from everyone is sprawling. So large that I can't enter a forum, or a chat
room, or even Zello "radio channel" without being silenced or muted or
banned. You know who you are, do you realize that what you are doing is
taking away your very own "self rule" destroying your freedom, that you are
literally saying "what you think doesn't matter, and neither does anyone
else," you think the secret force infiltrating your mind and causing the
end of civilization; well, it simply must "be right."






Medusa was beheaded by the hero Perseus <http://bit.ly/2xnJpPU>, who
thereafter used her head, which retained its ability to turn onlookers to
stone, as a weapon[4] <http://bit.ly/2gV5DSi> until he gave it to the
goddess Athena <http://bit.ly/2gU4MBs> to place on her shield
<http://bit.ly/2gU4NW2>. In classical antiquity <http://bit.ly/2xo71DX> the
image of the head of Medusa appeared in* the **evil-averting device
<http://bit.ly/2xo72rv> known as the Gorgoneion <http://bit.ly/2xoF6DK>.*
בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ‎
אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הַעוֹלָם
שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ
וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה‎׃






[image: Inline image 12]
[image: Inline image 3]
[image: Inline image 4] <http://bit.ly/2gUC9UK>

*SO**N* Ye[image: Inline image 5]

*R  O  C  K    O  F   .   .   .    S   A   G  E   S  ?*

[image: Inline image 1]

H  E  A  R    D <http://bit.ly/2xoFhyU>  E <http://bit.ly/2xoFhyU>  R
<http://bit.ly/2xoFhyU>  O <http://bit.ly/2xoFhyU>  R
I T  R E A L L Y  D O E S  M E A N   "FREEDOM <http://bit.ly/2xoFhyU>"   B
R E A D   I S   L I F E

[image: Inline image 14] <http://bit.ly/2t6rsSI>

Tying up loose e*ad*ds, in a similar vain to the connection between the
Burning Bush and universal voting <http://bit.ly/2xnoWuv> now
etched by-stone, there exists a similar missing Link
<http://bit.ly/2gTpqRY> connecting
the phrase "it's not a a gam" to Mary Magdeline <http://bit.ly/2xoA0rq> to
a pattern that shows us that the Holy Trinity and our timelines are
narrated by a series of names of video game systems and their manufacturers
from "Nintendo" to Genesis and the rock of SEGA.  Through a "kiss
<http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>" and the falling of *a wall <http://bit.ly/2hNeOE0>*the
words bread and read <http://bit.ly/2h1Gyzh> are tied up and twisted with
the story of this Revelation and the heart of the word Creation, "*be the
reason it's A.D.*"  It's a strong connection between the idea that virtual
reality and Heaven are linked by more than simply "technology" but that
this message that shows us that these tools for understanding have fallen
from the sky in order to help us understand why it is so important, why I
call it a moral mandate, that we use this information to follow the map
delivered to us in the New Testament and *literally end world hunger*, *and
literally heal the sick*; because of the change in circumstance revealed to
us.  These simple things, these few small details that might seem like
nothing, or maybe appear to be "changing everything" they are not difficult
things to do, *in light of Creation, *and few would doubt that once we do
see them implementi*ed* here... the difference between Heaven and Hell will
be ever so clear.

[image: Inline image 13] <http://bit.ly/2gUz0nR>
A while ago, in a place called *Kentucky*... this story began with a sort
of twisted sci-fi experience that explained a kind of "God machine" that
could manipulate time and reality, and in that story, in that very detailed
and interesting story that I lived through, this machine was keyed to my
DNA, in something like the "Ancient technology" of *Stargate* SG-1 and
Atlantis mythology.  My kind brother Seth made a few appearances in the
story, not actually in person but in fairly decent true to life holograms
that I saw and spoke to every once in awhile.  He looked a little
different, he had long hair; but that's neither here nor there, and he
hasn't really had long hair since I was a little boy.  He happens to be a
genetic engineer, and I happen to be a computer person (although he's that
too, now; just nowhere near as good as me... with computers) so the story
talked a little bit about how I would probably not have used DNA as a key,
since I'm not a retard, and he probably wouldn't either, because works in
that field (cyclone <http://bit.ly/2xodX3V>, huracan <http://bit.ly/2xo7LJf>,
t*or*n*ad*o).  So then the key we imagined was something ... well, *Who
cares* what the key is, *right?*

[image: Inline image 13] <http://bit.ly/2xocI4M>

So back to the task at hand, not so long ago, in a place called *Plantation* I
was struck by lightning, literally (well not literally) the answer to a
question that nobody knew was implanted in my mind, and it all came from
asking a single simple question.  I was looking for more chemistry elements
<http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT> in the names of the books of the Holy Bible, after
seeing Xenon at the "*sort of beginning*" of *Exodus*, where it screams "*let
there be light*" in Linux and chemistry (and I've told you that a hundred
times by now).  So it didn't take long to follow the light of that word and
read Genesis backwards, and see, at the very beginning of that book,
Silicon... *in reverse.*

[image: Inline image 19]

According to the Exodus account, Moses held out his staff
<http://bit.ly/2gTJwvn> and the Red Sea <http://bit.ly/2xoDhGU> was parted
by God. The Israelites walked on the exposed ground and crossed the sea,
followed by the Egyptian army. Moses again moved his staff once the
Israelites had crossed and the sea closed again, drowning the whole
Egyptian army.

The *burning bush* is an object described by the Book of Exodus
<http://bit.ly/2xoAu0I>[3:1–4:17] <http://bit.ly/2gUX0Y3> as being located
on Mount Horeb <http://bit.ly/2gTJAeB>. According to the narrative, the
bush was on fire, but was not consumed by the flames, hence the name.[1]
<http://bit.ly/2xmT1KA> In the biblical narrative, the burning bush is the
location at which Moses <http://bit.ly/2gTI2Bm> was appointed by Adonai
<http://bit.ly/2xoDQk2> (God) to lead the Israelites
<http://bit.ly/2xoDTMK> out
of Egypt <http://bit.ly/2gTO313> and into Canaan <http://bit.ly/2xoDYjw>.

[image: Inline image 20] <http://bit.ly/2gUs3D8> [image: Inline image 21]

A *pa, Ra: do x <http://bit.ly/2gTpdOG>* is a statement that, despite
apparently sound reasoning from true premises, leads to an apparently
self-contradictory or logically unacceptable conclusion.[1]
<http://bit.ly/2gTJsvD>[2] <http://bit.ly/2gTJtjb> A paradox involves
contradictory yet interrelated elements that exist simultaneously and
persist over time.[3] <http://bit.ly/2xoDFFo>[4] <http://bit.ly/2gTJunf>[5]

[image: Inline image 23] <http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>

An *anachronism* (from the Greek <http://bit.ly/2xnwy05> ἀνά *ana*,
"against" and χρόνος *khronos*, "time") is a chronological
<http://bit.ly/2gTWlWF> inconsistency in some arrangement, especially a
juxtaposition of persons, events, objects, or customs from different
periods of time. The most common type of anachronism is an object misplaced
in time, but it may be a verbal expression, a technology, a philosophical
idea, a musical style, a material, a plant or animal, a custom or anything
else associated with a particular period in time so that it is incorrect to
place it outside its proper temporal domain.

[image: Inline image 18]
[image: Inline image 2][image: Inline image 3]
[image: Inline image 4] [image: Inline image 5]

*So, what about God's DNA, anyway?  *
*What's he really made of?*

[image: Inline image 6] [image: Inline image 7]

[image: Inline image 8] [image: Inline image 9]
         *SIM* MON *S*                  *WILD* ER                 ROD *DEN*

So after seeing Silicon, and connecting that to the numerous attempts I've
made to show a message connecting The Matrix to the Fifth Element
<http://bit.ly/2t5T4qO> (as Silicon) describing what it is that God
believes we should do with this knowledge--and see that it is narrated as the
miracles of Jesus Christ in the New Testament <http://bit.ly/2h1Gyzh>... *these
names* came to me in quick succession, an answer to the question.  I
suppose any Gene will do, these three though, have a very important tie to
the message that connects Joshua's Promised Land of flowing Milk and Honies
to ... a kiss that begins the new day (I hope) ... and a message about
exactly how we might go about doing magical things like *ending world
hunger and healing the sick* using technology described ... in *Star Trek*
 and *Stargate*.  A "*religion of the Stars*" is being born.

[image: Inline image 11] [image: Inline image 17]

That's great... it *starts with an earthquake*. R.E.M. and a *band* ... 311
<http://bit.ly/2gVcknb>.  Oooh, I can see it coming
<http://bit.ly/2ia0F3k> down...
The Petty Reckless <http://bit.ly/2gU3F4q>.  An evening's love starts with *a
kiss* <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>.  Dave Matthews Band.  I wanna rock and roll
all night and party every day <http://bit.ly/2gU3Hcy>.  *Adam*.  *I mean
Kiss.  Are you starting to see a pattern <http://bit.ly/2gTVp4B> form?
Birds, snakes <http://bit.ly/2xmYPnm>, and aeroplanes?  It's that, it's the
end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.*

[image: Inline image 15] <http://bit.ly/2gU3qq2> [image: Inline image 16]

In that song we see clues that more than just the Revelation of Christ is
narrated by John on an island called Patmos.  There *yet another* Trinity,
starting with "Pa" and hearting Taylor Momsen's initials... most likely for
a reason... and the Revelation ends with a transition that I hope others
will agree with me turns "original sin" into something closer to "obviously
salvation" when we finally understand the character
<http://bit.ly/2xnKze5> that
is behind the *message of da i of Ra... *and begin to see the same design
in the names of Asmodai and in this Revelation focusing on freedom and
truth that really does suggest Taylor *can't talk to me*
<http://bit.ly/2xo5EoQ> in any way other than "letting freedom sing" in
this narrative of kismet and fate <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l> and free will and
... then we see that narrative continue in the names of bands, just like
the 3/11/11 earthquake is narrated in not just R.E.M.'s song but in the
name 311.  Just like the 9/11 attack is narrated not just in that same song
(released in 1987) and  "Inside Job <http://bit.ly/2gU3MNo>" (released in
2000) but also in "Fucked up world <http://bit.ly/2ia0F3k>."

Dear all of you *walking dumb and blind*, this same quake is narrated in
Taylor's Zombie; *waiting for the day to shake <http://bit.ly/2gU3Psy>*,
all very similar to Cairo and XP, perhaps a "*fad*" of *doublethink* in the
minds of the authors singing about a clear prophesy in the Bible; this
connection between the day, 3/11 though, and the name of a band and the day
of an arrest <http://bit.ly/2gZe0Xd> and the verse Matthew that tells you
clearly *you have now been baptized in water and fire*... it shows us the
design of a story whose intent and purpose is to ensure that we no longer
allow for things like hurricanes and earthquakes and murder and rape to be
"simulated" that we build a better system, that doesn't allow for 'force
majeure" to take lives for *no reason at all.*

[image: Inline image 19] [image: Inline image 20] [image: Inline image 21]

Not just in band names, but in the angels names too, in all of our names;
we see this narration continue.  The Holy Water that is central to the
baptism of Christ is etched into Taylor's name, between "sen
<http://bit.ly/2xoA0rq>" and "mom <http://bit.ly/2xnEjD5>" the key to the
*two* *Mary's* whose names contain the Spanish for "sea" in a sort of
enlightenment hidden in plain sight.  In "Simmons" the key connection
between today, *this Biblical Monday*, and the word "simulation" that ties
to *Simpsons* and *simians* and *keep it simple stupid, and in Simmons
the missing "s" of Kismet <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>, finally completing the

[image: Inline image 23] <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>
*[image: Inline image 24] <http://bit.ly/2gUz07l>*

*It's a song and dance that started a long time ago, as you can see from
the ancient Hebrew word for "fate" and in more recent years a connection
to the ballroom of Atlantis <http://bit.ly/2gZghlk> in the Doors 5 to 1
<http://bit.ly/2xnXNHV> and Dave sang about it in Rapunzel
<http://bit.ly/2gU48nc> and then Taylor shook a tambourine
<http://bit.ly/2ia0F3k> on the beach only minutes away from me--but never
said "hi."  The battle of the bands continues tying some door knocking to a
juxtaposition between "Sweet Things <http://bit.ly/2xnXQU7>" and "Knocking
on Heavens door <http://bit.ly/2xnEsGD>" all the way to a Gossip Girl
episode where little J asked a question that I can't be sure she knew was
related, she said... "who's that, at the door <http://bit.ly/2iasIjl>?"*

*What it really all amounts to, though, is the whole world witnessing the
Creation of Adam and Eve from a little girl stuttering out *"*the the*" at
the sight of the Grinch <http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe>* himself, and then later **not
even able *to get those words off her lips <http://bit.ly/2gU3F4q>... about
seeing how Creation and modern art are inextricably tied to religion, to
heaven, and to freedom.

*[image: Inline image 25] <http://bit.ly/2xpvMQ2> *[image: Inline image 26]

*The bottom line here, hopefully obvious now, is that you can't keep this
message "simple" it's a Matrix woven between more points of light than I
can count, and many more that I'm sure you will find.  It's a key to seeing
how God speaks to me, and to you; and how we are, we really are that
voice.  Tay, if you don't do something just because God called it "fate"
you are significantly more enslaved than if you do--and you wanted to.  "*Now
I see that you and me, were never meant, *never meant to be*
<http://bit.ly/2gV75Ee>..." she sang before I mentioned her, and before she
ever saw me... in a song she calls "Nothing Left to Lose" and I see is not
really just another word for freedom <http://bit.ly/2gTKkjT>.

We have plenty to lose by not starting the fire <http://bit.ly/2gUzt9B>,
not the least of which is Heaven itself.  Understand what "force majeure"
really means *to you and I* <http://bit.ly/2gUX3mH>.  Ha, *by the way.*

[image: Inline image 22] <http://bit.ly/2gUX3mH>

*IN CASE YOU  <http://bit.ly/2gUX3mH>FORG
<http://bit.ly/2gUX3mH>OT YESTERDA <http://bit.ly/2xnEQ83>Y'S MESSAGE

[image: Inline image 6] <http://bit.ly/2gTVp4B>

[image: Inline image 27] [image: Inline image 12]


VERUKA <http://bit.ly/2xnZAwE> SALT. whose name means "to see
<http://bit.ly/2xnZAwE> *(if) you are* the Body of Christ
<http://bit.ly/2xnZAwE>" whined, in the story of Will Why Won Ka, about
nothing more or less than Heaven on Hearth, than seeing an end to needless
torture and pain.   To see if you are the "Salt of the Earth" warming the
road <http://bit.ly/2xnshJQ> to Heaven; honestly to see if you can break
through this inane lie of "I don't understand" and realize that breaking
this story and talking about what is being presented not just by me and you
but by history and God himself is the key to the car that drives us home.
To see how Cupid you really are.

[image: Inline image 29]


The story of Willy Wonka ties directly to the Promised Land of Flowing Milk
and Honey <http://bit.ly/2xoA0rq> to me; by showing us a river of chocolate
<http://bit.ly/2xp4slc> and a *the everlasting God starter*, (er is it guardian
of <http://bit.ly/2xnEjD5> B stopper <http://bit.ly/2h1qEFb>) that opens
the doors of perception about exactly what kinds of mistake may have been
made in the past in this transition to Heaven that we are well on the way
of *beginning*.  Here, in the Land of Nod, that is also Eden and also the
Heart of the Ark we see warnings about "flowing milk and honey" being akin
to losing our stable ecosystem, to losing the stuff of life itself, biology
and evolution, and if we don't understand--this is probably exactly the
mistake that was made and the cause of the story of Cain and Abel.  So here
we are talking about genetic engineering and mind uploading and living
forever, and hopefully seeing that while all things are possible with
God--losing the wisdom of the message of religion is akin to losing life in
the Universe and with that any hope of eternal longevity.

With some insight into religion, you can connect the idea that without bees
our stable ecosystem might collapse, to the birds and the bees
<http://bit.ly/2xndFu1>, and a message about stability and having more than
one way to pollinate the flowers  *and* trees and get some.   Janet
<http://bit.ly/2gVcoTX> and Nanna <http://bit.ly/2xoA0rq>, by the way, both
have pretty brown eyes, but that probably comes as *no surprise*
<http://bit.ly/2gUztGD> to you.

Miss Everything <http://bit.ly/2xnEUVl>, on the other hand (I hear, does
not have brown eyes), leads us to glimpse how this message about the
transition of our society might continue on in the New Testament, and
suggest that we do need to eat, and have dinner conversation, and that a
Last Supper might be a little bit more detrimental to our future than
anyone had ever thought, over and over <http://bit.ly/2xndPS9> and *over
again*.  To see how religion really does make clear that this is what the
message is about, to replace the flowing milk we have a "Golden Cow" that
epitomizes nothing less than "not listening to Adam" and we have a place
that believes the Hammer <http://bit.ly/2xo92Ab> of Judah Maccabee should
be ... extinct.  *You are wrong.*

[image: Inline image 30] <http://bit.ly/2xnEjD5>

Of course the *vibrating light* here ties this Gene to another musical
piece disclosing something... "Wild Thing <http://bit.ly/2gT39Uy>" I make
your heart sing.  You can believe the Guitar Man is here to steal the show
and deliver bread for the hungry and for the wise <http://bit.ly/2ibkQOv>*.
 *Here's some, it's not just Imagine Dragons <http://bit.ly/2h2ETti> telling
you to *listen to the radio <http://bit.ly/2xndUoV> but
Jefferson Starshiptoo, and Live. <http://bit.ly/2gVkZ9e>  *

*When you wake up, you can hear God "singing <http://bit.ly/2h1CUWe>" to
you on the radio every single day; many of us already do.  He's telling
<http://bit.ly/2i96pti> you to listen to me <http://bit.ly/2sBy5Zs>, and I
do not understand why you do not.  You don't look very Cupid, if you ask

[image: Inline image 31] <http://bit.ly/2xo92Ab>
[image: Inline image 32] <http://bit.ly/2gUVgxO>
[image: Inline image 33] <http://bit.ly/2xo2MbD>
*F O O T*
*T  H  E    F  T*
*O   F      O    U    R*
*CHR is *♂

[image: Inline image 14] [image: Inline image 28]

I think we all know what the Rod of Jesus Christ is by now.

[image: Inline image 35] <http://bit.ly/2xnsNrg>​

It is a large <http://bit.ly/2ibvGUT> *glowing* testament to freedom
<http://bit.ly/2gVIMWR> and truth <http://bit.ly/2gZe0Xd>, and a statement
about *blindness <http://bit.ly/2xoVNiH>* and evil that is *unmistakable*.
  To say that seeing it is the gateway to Heaven would be an understatement
of it's worth, of the implication that *not seeing it* is obvious Hell when
it is linked to everything from nearly every story of the Holy Bible from
Isaac to Isaiah to "*behold he is to coming*" and if you weren't sure if
the Hand of God were in action here--it's very clear
<http://bit.ly/2xo5EoQ> that
it is; that linking Tricky Dick <http://bit.ly/2gTO4SF> and *Watergate* to
*Seagate* ... really delivering *crystal clear understanding* that the
foundation of Heaven is freedom and that you have none today because you refuse
to see the truth <http://bit.ly/2gU3F4q>.

It is the doorway to seeing that what has been going on in this place
hasn't been designed to hide me, but to hide a prosperous future from
you--to hide the truth about our existence and the purpose of
Creation--that all told, you are standing at the doorstep of Heaven and
stammering your feet, closing your eyes, and saying "*you don't want to
help anyone.*"

[image: Inline image 36]

*If delivering freedom, truth, and equality  to you does not a den make,*
*well, you can all suck it*

... from God <http://bit.ly/2gUdzmA>, *to you <http://bit.ly/2gU4ryG>.*

[image: Inline image 37] <http://bit.ly/2gU3F4q>
[image: Inline image 6] <http://bit.ly/2hZlb5Z> [image: Inline image 5]
[image: Inline image 13] <http://bit.ly/2xoENZC>[image: Inline image 8]

Between Stargate and Star Trek it's pretty easy to see a roadmap to very
quickly and easily be able to end world hunger and heal the sick without
drastically changing the way our society works, it's about as simple as a
microwave, or a new kind of medicine--except it's not so easy to see why it
is that you are so reluctant to talk about the truth that makes these
things so easy to do.  You see, your lack of regard for anyone anywhere has
placed you in a position of weakness, and if you do nothing today, you will
not be OK tomorrow.

It's pretty easy to see how Roddenberry's name shows that this message
comes from God, that he's created this map that starts with an Iron Rod
throughout our history proving Creation, whose heart is a Den of Family who
care about the truth, and about freedom, and about helping each other--not
what you are--you are not that today.  Today you are sick, and I'd like you
to look at the mirror <http://bit.ly/2h2wbLP> he's made for you, this wall
that cares not for the sick, or the starving, or even for itself... but
stands for nothing but "being aligned with the winner" and *be ashamed
<http://bit.ly/2xo36ag>. *

[image: Inline image 13]


*Realize, realize... what you are.  What you've become, just as I have...
the devil in a sweet, sweet kiss.*

*-Dave J. Matthews*

[image: Inline image 1] <http://bit.ly/2gTVp4B>


(( *𐌰**𐌼**𐌿**𐌳**𐌹**𐌼* <http://bit.ly/2xo36qM> ))


*r*    * i*  *d*    * i*  *c*    * u*  *l*     *o*     *u*  *s*
[image: Inline image 14]

on o us, *ridiculous.*

[image: Inline image 13]
for those of you that haven't been following along:

   - *so b* <http://bit.ly/2xnEjD5>, how the book of *tobit* and Adam's
   *rib* light the *apple* of da i
   - *os* <http://bit.ly/2gUrCbY>, from "*original sin*" to "*ob*viously
   - *bush* <http://bit.ly/2xntmBo>, blindness... u *see how
   - *bp <http://bit.ly/2xocI4M>, stop simulating oil spills and car/horse
   - *bereshit* <http://bit.ly/2gUE2k3>, stop simulating hunger and sickness
   - *kermitham* <http://bit.ly/2gTVp4B>, stop simulating earthquakes and
   - *gate* <http://bit.ly/2xosUTI>, stop simulating the Empire of Star
   Wars, 1984, and Exodus
   - take a *look <http://bit.ly/2gUs3D8>*, we're in a *book*
   <http://bit.ly/2gVc7jT>; reading delivers *rainwow.*


[image: Inline image 11] <http://bit.ly/2gT5rTE> [image: Inline image 12]

*Min to Supermax"*

<http://bit.ly/2gT5vCS> <http://bit.ly/2gU60we>

behold, I are coming...


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*blessing <http://bit.ly/2gTYUIh> in <http://bit.ly/2xnvsBg> disguise
<http://bit.ly/2xoefIf>* (*plural* *blessings in disguise

   1. (idiomatic <http://bit.ly/2xoEJta>) A seeming misfortune
   <http://bit.ly/2gTrbyy> that turns out to be for the best.

In modern society, the proverb "*blood is thicker than water*" is used to
imply that family relationships are always more important than friends.

The equivalent proverb <http://bit.ly/2xmZoO0> in German (originally: *Blut
ist dicker als Wasser*), first appeared in a different form in the medieval
German <http://bit.ly/2xoEIFC> beast epic <http://bit.ly/2gTrglQ> *Reinhart
Fuchs* (c. 1180; English: *Reynard the Fox*) by Heinrich der Glîchezære
<http://bit.ly/2gUYDF9>. The 13th-century Heidelberg manuscript reads in
part, "ouch hoer ich sagen, das sippe blůt von wazzere niht verdirbet"
(lines 265-266). In English we read, "I also hear it said, kin-blood is not
spoiled by water."

Authors Albert Jack[5] <http://bit.ly/2gUYFgf> and R. Richard Pustelniak[6]
<http://bit.ly/2xnBty5> claim the original meaning of the expression was
that the ties between people who've made a blood covenant were stronger
than ties formed by "the water of the womb". However, no known historical
sources predating the modern era contain the blood-covenant version of the

The use of the word "blood" to refer to kin or familial relations has roots
dating back to Greek and Roman traditions.[7] <http://bit.ly/2gUYIIX>. This
usage of the term was common in the English-speaking world at least as
early as the mid 1300s. Because English speakers around that time would
have understood the word "blood" as referring to family, it is likely that
the use of "blood" in the expression "blood is thicker than water" would
also have been understood by English speakers referring to family.

Although not specifically related to the expression "blood is thicker than
water", H.C. Trumbull notes an interesting comparison of blood and milk in
the Arab world:

" We, in the West, are accustomed to say that "blood is thicker than
water" ; but the Arabs have the idea that blood is thicker than milk, than
a mother's milk. With them, any two children nourished at the same breast
are called "milk-brothers," or "sucking brothers"; and the tie between such
is very strong. [..] But the Arabs hold that brothers in the covenant of
blood are closer than brothers at a common breast; that those who have
tasted each other's blood are in a surer covenant than those who have
tasted the same milk together ; that "blood-lickers," as the blood-brothers
<http://bit.ly/2gTrj10> are sometimes called, are more truly one than
"milk-brothers," or "sucking brothers"; that, indeed, blood is thicker than
milk, as well as thicker than water.[8] <http://bit.ly/2xnBySp> "

More recently, Aldous Huxley <http://bit.ly/2xnBAtv>'s *Ninth Philosopher's
Song* (1920) approached the proverb differently, stating, "Blood, as all
men know, than water's thicker / But water's wider, thank the Lord, than
blood."[9] <http://bit.ly/2xmZFk0>
"Blood is thicker than water" is:

   - the title of a series of mixtapes <http://bit.ly/2xnBF0h> by Nu Jerzey
   Devil <http://bit.ly/2gTrnhg>, The Game <http://bit.ly/2gTrolk>, Black
   Wall Street Records <http://bit.ly/2gUYSQz>, Dipset
   <http://bit.ly/2xnBJ01> and Lil Wayne <http://bit.ly/2gTrr0u>, produced
   by DJ Haze <http://bit.ly/2xnBP7T>.[10] <http://bit.ly/2gTrv0e>
   - a song title by Impaled Nazarene <http://bit.ly/2gTrwBk>, off the 1994
   album *Suomi Finland Perkele <http://bit.ly/2gTrx8m>*.
   - a song title by Black Label Society <http://bit.ly/2xmZWDy>, off the
   album *Shot to Hell <http://bit.ly/2xmZXY8>*.
   - a book by W. A. Hoffman, now out of print.[11] <http://bit.ly/2gUYZeX>
   [12] <http://bit.ly/2xnBWAl>
   - tattooed on the forearm of NBA player Trevor Ariza
   <http://bit.ly/2xn0460>, dedicated to his little brother who fell out of
   a window when he was 6 years old.[13] <http://bit.ly/2gTrEki>

"Thicker than water" is:

   - the name of a 1997 album and song by H2O <http://bit.ly/2gTrFVo>
   - a tattoo that M. Shadows <http://bit.ly/2xn06e8> of Avenged Sevenfold
   <http://bit.ly/2gUZ2Yb> had across his chest.[14] <http://bit.ly/2xoJzq0>
   - the name of a tattoo <http://bit.ly/2xnvwRw> studio at 181 Avenue B in New
   York City <http://bit.ly/2xohPlE>.[15] <http://bit.ly/2gUZ6Hp>[16]
   - the English translation of the name of a 2014 Swedish TV show, *Tjockare
   än vatten*.[17] <http://bit.ly/2xohTBU>
   - the 2000 documentary surf film <http://bit.ly/2gUZ8Px> directed by
   singer/songwriter Jack Johnson and his film school friend Chris Malloy.
   - the title of the 8th episode <http://bit.ly/2xnvFEy> of the American
   TV series Under the Dome <http://bit.ly/2gUZaa7>.
   - the title of the 1st episode of the American reality TV series The
   Real Housewives of New Jersey <http://bit.ly/2gTrNEm>.

1. Water into blood (דָם): Ex. 7:14–24[edit <http://bit.ly/2gTrOIq>]

 This is what the LORD says: By this you will know that I am the LORD: With
the staff that is in my hands I will strike the water of the Nile, and it
will be changed into blood. The fish in the Nile will die, and the river
will stink and the Egyptians will not be able to drink its water.
— Exodus 7:17–18

*Nu* (also *Nenu, Nunu, Nun*), feminine *Naunet* (also *Nunut, Nuit, Nent,
Nunet*), is the deification of the primordial watery <http://bit.ly/2i4iJeF>
abyss <http://bit.ly/2i4qSj6> in the Hermopolitan Ogdoad
<http://bit.ly/2hlbnz3> cosmogony <http://bit.ly/2hl6rKM> of ancient
Egyptian religion <http://bit.ly/2h1gUuH>. The name is paralleled with
*nen* "inactivity"
in a play of words in, "I raised them up from out of the watery mass [*nu*],
out of inactivity [*nen*]". The name has also been compared Coptic
*noun* "abyss;
deep".[1] <http://bit.ly/2gTrSYG>
Nut is also the name of the sky goddess of the Ennead
<http://bit.ly/2i4gNTp> of Heliopolis <http://bit.ly/2hlfQ4T>.
The name is spelled phonetically with the *nw* hieroglyph
[image: W24] (may be repeated three times), with the determiners "sky
[image: N1] and waters <http://bit.ly/2hla7wb>"
[image: N35A] . An alternative phonetic spelling used the phonogram *nn*
[image: M22] [image: M22] . [2] <http://bit.ly/2gUvFoG>
*Joshua* /ˈdʒɒʃuə/ <http://bit.ly/2gUZfdV> or *Jehoshua* (Hebrew
<http://bit.ly/2iaVLU3>: יְהוֹשֻׁעַ‎ *Yĕhôshúʿa*; Aramaic
<http://bit.ly/2gVa5jY>: ܝܫܘܥ‎‎ *Isho*;

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